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Era 4 (part 1)


Michelle Kuan

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of Era 4 (part 1)

Early World History Project Olmec Empire Their empire lasted from 1500-400 BCE They had 14 large stone heads. Mayan Empire They thrived from 250AD-900AD They're known for their handicrafts and weaving t echniques. Aztec Empire Their empire lasted from 1457- 1521 They sacrificed humans because they thought that it pleased the gods. Era 4 (part 1) Eras 1-3 (Part 1) Early Humans Years: Prehistory-300BCE Location: Africa Scientists found footsteps, tools, and bones which was the first key discoveries Old Stone Age Location: Asia-Austrailia they took good care of the dead New Stone Age location: Catalhuyuk and Jericho Farming was very important to them Egyptians Location: Egypt They considered their Pharoah as a god Civilizations of Mesopotamia location: Egypt, India, and Sumer Cities changes from cultural diffusion Summerians location: Middle East had 12 city-states Indus location: India
Believed in Hinduism and Buddhism Shang location: China
Had the Great Wall which was built for protection Inca Empire Location: Andes
Their religion all linked to nature Inuit Location: Arctic
lived in igloos Iroquis League Location: Arctic
was created to stop wars between 5 rival tribes Germanic Kingdoms location: Western Europe
The germanic kingdoms included the goths, vandals, satans, and franks. Charlemagne's Kingdoms location: Western and Central Europe
taught Muslims on Spain Medieval times location: Europe
the role of women was very hard Englands monarchy monarches wanted to expand power French Monarchy there were very few successful monarchs in france Eras 1-3(part II) Minoans Mycians Sparta Athens Empire of Alexander the Great Roman Republic Roman Empire located around present day Greek known for trade and their unique writing system located in Sicily , Italy, Egypt, and Mesopotamia located in acient Greece was a warrior society(civilization was more important that individual rights located in present day Greece first ideas of democracy(individual rights were mor important) it grew into an empire by defeating into Etruscans and city states located in the mediteranion won trojan war against troy located in the middle east, asia minor, southeast europe, and india half-civilized, policy of assimilation located in teh mediteranion (italy/ rome Julius Ceasar marched into Rome and took power Era 4 (part II) Byzantine Empire Location: North Africa, Italy Iberian peninsula Heritage was built on the Hellenistic world: Blended christian religious beliefs with Greek science, philosophy, arts, and literature. Russia Location: Eurasion Plane 3 religions: nothern forests, southern steape, bank of fertile land to the south Ummayyad Dynasty Location: Mediteranion Sea
known for exapansion and control Abbasid Dynasty Location: South-west Arabia
2nd islamic empire took over after ummayyad focused on cultural diffusion Ottoman Empire Location: Central Asia, asia minor, eastern europe
strong governtment, system of justice, strong army, government and religion worked together. Safavid Empire Location: present day iran
declines when shanabbas dies, shitte scholars take power Delhi Sultanate Location: India
came as the gupta empire fell and broke into kingclans Mughal India Location: India
created when the turkish and mongol armies were led by baburon clan to be decendants of Geryhis Khan Ghana, Mali, Songhia Location: West Africa
Ghana- gold, Mali- islam, Songhia- trade Mongol Empire Location: pacific to Europe
implented heavy taxes, corruption, and natural disasters Ming Dynasty Location: moned capital to Beijing
Implanted a civil service back and confuncusion learning Era 5 Europe/ Renaissance & Scientific Revolution European Exploration African Slave Trade South & Southeast Asia Americas(Spain & Portugal) Spanish Crown French Monarchy Parliament & England Austria Prussia Russia location: northern italy
-nobles wanted to retain the feudal honor system but it was soon abolished location: Europe
- Vikings established several colonies in Greeland location: Africa
-African slaves became part on the atlantic slave trade location: asia
- consisted of taiwan, korea, japan, and china location: America
-started from christopher colombus location: spain
-the monarchy comprises a reigning king or queen of spain location: france
-there was a disagreement as to when france came into excistence location: england
-the english parliament limited the power of the english monarchy location: entral europe
-formed when the celtic kingdom was conquered by the romans location: prussia
-capital was berlin location: russia
- the largest country in the world by: Michelle Kuan
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