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Your Summer Internship Search

This workshop covers the services, resources and summer programs through the Office of Career Strategy. We will address how to get started, the options available to Yale students, and what the timeline for an internship search should look like.

Julia Bourque

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Your Summer Internship Search

Your Summer Internship Search
OCS-coordinated Programs
Yale Affiliated Internship Programs
Dwight Hall Internship Opportunities
MacMillan Center Internships
President’s Public Service Fellowship
Unite for Sight
Yale Athletics Internship Program
Yale Science and Engineering Research Internships
Yale Sustainable Food Project Internships
OCS Information
Overview of OCS services
Summer programs and resources
Summer planning - where to begin
Application materials - getting started
Independent Summer Opportunities
Design Your Own Opportunity
“Explore Careers” and “Research Industries” sections of the OCS website
OCS Advisors can assist you with identifying and developing opportunities outside established internship programs
Additional Summer Programs
Yale Summer Session
Summer Study Abroad
Fellowships for independent study, projects or travel
Summer Event Series – Yale-in-Washington, New York & San Francisco
Summer Planning: Goal Setting
What do you want to get out of your summer experience?
Try out a career field?
Acquire broad exposure to an industry?
Develop specific skills?
Earn money?
Learn or hone foreign language skills?
Experience a different culture?
To be at home? Away from home? Abroad?
Not sure? We’re here to help
Application Materials
Commonly Requested Material
Cover Letter
Writing Samples
Where to begin
OCS Style guide
Walk-in hours
OCS-coordinated Domestic Internships (Bulldogs Across America)
On-Campus Recruiting
Paul Block Journalism Internships
Women in Government Fellowship
Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowships
Summer Activities Survey
Symplicity - Internships
OCS: What do we do?
We assist you in making informed decisions about your future; we can help you set and reale your goals.
One-on-one advising sessions
Open hours with OCS Advisors
Schedule online at
We help students learn about and explore career options in all industries.
OCS website
OCS weekly newsletter
Workshops, employer information sessions, and networking events
Alumni connections
We coach you through the process of finding and applying for opportunities that fit with your goals and interests.
Internship programs, job and internship search resources and workshops
Application material assistance
Interviewing skills workshops and practice interviews
Networking Events
Employer and alumni connections
International Programs
OCS-coordinated International Internships
Yale World Fellows Program
U.S. Programs
Developing a Plan of Action
Meet with an OCS Advisor and talk with your family about your summer goals and interests
Explore programs, databases and resources to get a sense of your options & what is possible
Review the OCS Newsletter for upcoming career events and employment opportunities
Winter Break
Identify summer goals, explore your options, discuss them with advisors and family, reach out to alumni & professionals in your areas of interest for shadowing or informational interviews
Reviewing posted opportunities, begin preparing targeted application materials
Spring semester
Apply for opportunities, prepare for interviews
After securing an opportunity, review resources for housing (if applicable), activate OPT (international students) and/or apply for visa (if needed), make travel arrangements
Majority of internship deadlines are between January & March,
though there are always exceptions!
30-minute advising appointments
Schedule online at ocs.yale.edu
Open Hours: 15-minute walk-in appointments
Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm at OCS. Fridays 11:30am-4pm at LC 207 (Spring Semester TBD)
Follow us on FB www.facebook.com/YaleOCS
2015 Yale-coordinated Internship Tutorial & Registration!
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