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Cyber Bullying

No description

josh gotell

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying and Physical bullying Intro Cyber Bullying physical bullying Why People bully Effects Cyber Bullying and Phycical Bullying Websites that cyber bullying can occur on Facts Cyber bullying is when you have some one sending
you Messages on a phone or a device that can hurt your feelings. It can follow you into your home,making you feel like you cant escape. Cyber bullying can happen any where at any time. Some websites that cyber bullying happens on is Facebook, Twitter and MSN ect. Why cyber bullying is different because it's harder to avoid and it can also spread quickly. Cyber bullying effects over 40% of kids in the world. -Anger
-Self Harm
-Feelings Hurt
-Death - Twitter
- Email
- Instagram
- Gmail
- A Phone
- Textplus
- Imessage
- Youtube preventions Bullying is a big part of our lives that we can never get rid of. At least 900 thousand kids get bullied everyday in Canada. Every one get bullied at least once in there life. There are many types of bullying two that we think are the worst types of bulling is cyber bullying and physical bullying. Today we will talk about what cyber bullying is and what physical bullying is. Physical bullying is when someone is getting beat up. Some ways that physical bullying can be used, are getting shoved in a locker, punched, kicked or even getting tripped. physical bullying does not just affect the bully and the victim but also affects the class mates. If you get bullied you should tell a teacher, trusted friend or a parent. . -20% of kids that get cyber bullied think of committing suicide.
- Cyber bullying effects 40% of kids in the world.
- 1/3 of today`s youth have a fear of walking through the school doors Monday to Friday.
250,000 teens report being bullied each month. and some are to scared to report. People bully because they have been bullied in there life or they have had some one important family member or friend die. some people bully more then others do, mostly people bully others because they are upset with themselves and think if others were as miserable as he/she is, it will make him/she happier. - Delete the person from your phone or your contacts.
- Show a parent the text or the e-mail.
- Print of the proof.
-STANDUP "Don't Laugh At Me" conclusion If you are ever bullied or if you see some one getting bullied tell a trusted parent and stand up.
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