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JFM Caribbean Climate Outlook

No description

Shelly-Ann Cox

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of JFM Caribbean Climate Outlook

What Happened?
SON 2013
Wet in the far West and Southeast Caribbean but extremely dry in Grenada and ABC Islands

Sufficient drinking/recreational/irrigation water production into early dry season

Deaths and substantial losses from local floodings, local water shortages
Saint Thomas: Near record rainfall in September

Cuba: Largest rainfall sum for November in Havana in over 30 years, with up to 200 mm of rain on November 29th
Headline Impacts
Excessive rainfall led to floodings in November in Havana, Cuba, where buildings collapsed and two casualties were counted; and in central and southern communities in Trinidad, with damage to homes
JFM 2014 Precipitation Outlook
JFM rainfall over the Caribbean islands is likely to be below-normal to normal in the North-west, normal to above normal over Trinidad and hardly predictable elsewhere. In Belize and the Guianas, a small shift to above normal is noted.
Caribbean Climate Outlook
January to March 2014

Notable Climate
Photos by Juan Suarez
AMJ Precipitation Outlook
AMJ rainfall over the Caribbean islands is likely to be below normal to normal in the North-west, above normal to normal over Jamaica and Hispaniola and hardly predictable elsewhere. In Belize, rainfall is likely to be above normal to normal. While, rainfall in the Guianas is hardly predictable.
Please follow the links below for more information
or email cmeerbeeck@cimh.edu.bb
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