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G & A Rentals

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of G & A Rentals

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
How G & A Rentals Can...
Educate Customers
Build Store Traffic
Generate New Customers
We are trying to exploit the
market that already exists,
and direct customers to your
place of business.
We are not trying to create a market for your product.
It is what you do when you can't see someone in person.
Why Advertise?
Why Radio?
Advertising is Cost Effective
Your Market is Changing
Advertising Increases Sales
Radio Is Intrusive
Radio Creates Pre-Need Preference
Radio’s Reach is Constant
Success Stories
Fort McMurray
Donation Drive
Local Woman Steps
Up To Help Fire Victim
ROK 50/50
Tank & Trailer
Interlake Talent Shows
How To Advertise
30 second commercials
10 second liners
With CFRY YOU will be...
Connected with our
Connected with our
Connected with your
Why do companies that have seemingly maxed out on brand recognition still spend so much money on advertising?
Your brain is designed to work more efficiently with sound than it is with sight

You hear and retain information even when you’re not listening

Sound is Invasive, Intrusive, and Irresistible
The Power of Sound
“A picture may be worth a thousand words – but a sound can be worth a thousand pictures.”
People Respond to "Needs" not "Ads"
Frequency + Consistency = Top-of-Mind Awareness!

When consumers are not in need of your product or service, you must be at the top of their minds before they begin their search.

7:20 AM Weather
(July 9, 2018 - July 6, 2019)
1 - 10-second liner adjacent to the weather forecast
To air Monday - Saturday

9 Week Summer/Fall Campaign
(July, August, September)
Total of 108 - 30-second commercials
To air 2x per day, Monday - Saturday

9 Week Spring/Summer Campaign
(April, May, June)
Total of 108 - 30-second commercials
To air 2x per day, Monday - Saturday
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