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What jobs use the metric system

No description

Dohn Winters

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of What jobs use the metric system

What jobs use the metric system
By: Dohn Winters
One of the jobs is a pharmacist because they have to know hom many milligrams is in a prescription they fill and refill. Over 260,000 people become a pharmacist each year. They also need to take geometry and algebra and pay good attetion to those classes.
Another job is a foreign car mechanic because they use metric tools to build the car and repair the car. Over 20,000 people become a foreign car mechanic each year. They need to take CTE classes and pay attetion to get into tyhis job.
This next job includes doctor and nurses because they need top know how many cc's of morphine they have to give and how many liters of saline to use. Ther are 3.1 million RNs each year. They need to take Health Occ. classes to become a Rn, plus they need to go to nursing school.
Here is a sport that uses the metric system and it is
Track and Field Athletes
they use meters. Over 188 are
Track and Field Athletes
every year. They just sign up in high school and go to try outs and see if they make the team.
This is a 100 meter dash.
This is the last job that uses the metric system and it is a nutritionist because most of their information is metric. Over 60,000 people are a nutritionist. They need to take a lot of health and other classes to become a nutritionist.
<--- There is a circle over the (g) which is grams.
Are there any questions?
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