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Project Managment

Andrew Collins & Dwane Goodman

Dwane Goodman

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Project Managment

Our Recipe For Success
The Icing
Serving It Up
Industry standards have increased leaving us WAY behind
New digital signs will.............
Present better
Look slick
Meet market expectations
Give opportunities for promotions and specials
Help drive SPH

We both enrolled in the PM course
to develop the skills needed to create
plans to upgrade and improve our current operations
Since the opening of Sydney Showground
in 1998, we have not updated or vastly
improved the catering outlets
Peter Thorpe
Dwane Goodman
Sharon Arrow
Gordon Cockburn
Russell Phillips
Stephen Screen
Tim Browne
Carlos Echevarri
Darryl Jefferies
James Farr
Sandra Robbins
New catering equipment will.........
Control food temperatures
Decrease wastage
Increase traffic flow
Reduce customer waiting time
Reduce labour costs
Better customer service and experience at Sydney showground events

Client objectives
Deliver $297,000.00 worth of new catering equipment to
provide grab and go food solutions , increase traffic flow, drive SPH and enhance the food delivery in the dome café

Ras objectives
Update food service equipment
meet industry food safety requirements
Stay within a replacement of equipment budget
Completion of upgrade deliver by 31st January 2014

4 x Hot food display units
2 x Cold food display units
6 x Beverage fridges
2 x Sandwich display units
2 x Hot food holding units
2 x Refrigeration units

Project plan drafted 21/06/13
Agree on a concept 16/8/13
Measuring existing units / Researching options 16/9/13
Decision made on new layout 7/10/13
Engaging suppliers for quotes /ordering equipment 21/10/13
Installation of new equipment 31/01/2014
Project completion and handover 14/02/2014

The project management course has been beneficial as it has provided us with the skills and tools to be able to.....
Define a project,
Structure a plan
Provide documentation

Identify and manage stakeholders from different parts of the business in an efficient manner to engage their interest and gain support

Made us become more effective communicators to a group of colleagues with mixed management styles

The Confidence to Manage, control and communicate change in projects
Client objective
Deliver 2 x 40' integrated digital signs in each tier one catering outlet, with appropriate hardware and soft ware to drive and manage the system no later than 29th September 2013
RAS objectives
Deliver and maintain an appropriate digital platform to showcase the F&B offering, promotional activities and specials available to the general public. As well as to demonstrate to our stakeholders that the RAS is committed to the continuous improvement of our facilities and services
10 x 40' LED industrial digital display screens
10 x data switches to control and run screens
2 x integrated PC based operating packages
5 x digital display templates
Appropriate cabling for power and data
Scope of work confirmed and funds sort 24-06-13
Site inspection and scope explained to 3 potential suppliers 08-07-13
Design and costs presented back to the RAS 15-07-13
Approved supplier appointed 24-07-13
Concept and design of display outcomes 31-07-13
Install of hardware and software 26-08-13
Staff training and menu loading 30-08-13
Trial menu run 30-08-13
System Live (Safety Show) 03-09-13


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