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The Kite Runner Main Events

No description

Sophia Sun

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of The Kite Runner Main Events

The Kite Runner
Hassan stands up to Assef
Amir and Hassan decided to go climb a tree on the hill on their street after a whole night of gunfire and bombs from outside their house. While walking to the hill, Assef, the neighbourhood bully, and his friends Wali and Kamal blocked their path. While doing so, Assef expressed his admiration of Hitler and then brought out his signature stainless-steel brass knuckles out of his pocket and got ready to beat up Amir. Hassan suddenly took out his slingshot, aimed a rock at Assef’s left eye and threatened him to leave them alone or he’ll let go of the slingshot and send the rock plummeting towards his eye. Assef eventually let go of Amir but said to the both of them “I’m a very patient person. This doesn’t end today, believe me. This isn’t the end for you either, Amir. Someday, I’ll make you face me one on one.”
Hassan gets plastic surgery
It's Hassan's birthday and Baba gives him a gift every year but instead of the usual material items e.g. a Japanese toy truck, an electric locomotive and train track set, he gives him an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get his harelip fixed. After the surgery is finished, Hassan smiles and it is the last time Amir ever sees him do such a thing.
Hassan gets raped
The winter of 1975 in Kabul, Afghanistan brought in possibly the largest kite-fighting tournament in 25 years. Instead of the usual individual districts doing their own individual kite-fighting tournaments, several of the districts in Kabul, including Wazar Akbar Khan (the district where Amir and Hassan are from), came together to compete in the annual yearly kite-fighting tournament. The winner of the kite-fighting tournament that year was none other than Amir. Hassan decided to go run the final kite (the ultimate prize for any kite runner is the final cut kite) for him but didn't come back for a while so Amir decides to go find him and ended up finding Hassan in an alley with the kite but surrounded by Assef, Wali and Kamal. Assef was pressuring Hassan to give him the kite but Hassan refused so Assef raped him while Wali and Kamal held Hassan down. Frightened, Amir simply stood and watched it all happen. Hassan finally emerged from the alley after Assef was done and gave the kite to Amir but blood flowed down Hassan's pants and the incident changed Amir's life.
Amir throws pomegranates at Hassan
A couple weeks after the incident, Amir asked Hassan if he wanted to go to the hill on their street with him. Hassan accepted his offer but when they got to the top of the hill, Amir started angrily throwing pomegranates at him. Amir kept yelling at him to hit him back resulting in Hassan smashing a pomegranate on himself and storming away leaving Amir crying and saying "What am I going to do with you, Hassan? What am I going to do with you?"
Ali and Hassan leave Amir and Baba
The morning after Amir's birthday, Ali (Hassan's dad) gave him a brand new Shanamah (a long poem telling the mythical stories of the Persian people) on behalf of Hassan and himself. Ali expressed that the gift "is modest and not worthy" of Amir. The morning after Ali gives Amir the book, Amir took some birthday money and the watch that Baba gave him and planted it underneath Hassan's bed. He then told Baba that he "found" the money and the watch and Baba called Hassan, Ali and Amir into his office and asked Hassan if he did steal the stuff. Much to Amir's surprise, Hassan said that he did and Baba forgave him but then Ali announced that he and Hassan were leaving. Baba started begging Ali to stay but Ali didn't change his mind and asked Baba if he could send both him and Hassan to the bus station. Baba then did something that Amir had never seen his father do, cry. While Baba was loading their luggage onto the car, he asked one final time for them to stay and Ali refused. This is the last time Baba and Amir ever see Ali and Hassan.
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