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Marketing Management Project

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Gatorade

Gatorade provides certain product lines for their segmented target audience:
G Series
G Series Fit
G Series Pro

Target Market
Gatorade makes up 74% of the sports drink industry market share

Consumer Target Market:
Young adults (13-25), M/F, athletic/active lifestyle
Proven on the field
Once they started winning, word about the new product spread
Today, Gatorade can be found on the sidelines of more than 70 Division I colleges as the official sports drink
Soon NFL would follow and in 1983, it became their official sports drink as well
Gatorade is also the official sports drink of the NBA, AVP, PGA, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer
Marketing Environment Cont.
After bouncing back from the recession, sports drink sales are expected to grow 34.1% by 2017.

Social and Demographic Trends:
As a decrease has occurred for high-volume users, an increase has taken place for the casual sports drink users
Consumers want innovation

Born in the lab
Marketing Environment
Perceptual Map
Gatorade Global Expansion
Available in 80 countries in 50 varieties
Started int’l. expansion in Japan in 1982
Quaker Oats Company purchased Gatorade in 1983
PepsiCo purchased Gatorade in 2001
G Series took hold in 2010
In 2011, Gatorade included in global market brand

Global Expansion
G Series expanded to different countries
Product line tailored to each country
Brand sponsors athletes worldwide
 Sponsors athletic events, both high profile and local, around the world

Online Marketing
Offers at least three big websites
-Gatorade Player of The Year
-Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Branded YouTube channel
Facebook page and two Twitter accounts
Social Media Command Center

Products (Energy)
Gatorade has two ways to give energy to their customers
Prime Energy Chews and Prime Sports Fuel Drink
Create carb energy for the customer

Products (Hydration)
For during performance and any other time
Helps replace what you sweat out
Available in regular and G2
Available in powder and fluid

Products (Recovery)
Protein Shake, Post-Game Recovery Beverage, Protein Bar
Helps rebuild muscles and eliminate soreness

Different Flavors
Average price is around $1.50 for a 20oz bottle and around $4 for a 32oz
Gatorade is priced about 36% cheaper than Powerade

Pepsi Co. makes and distributes product
Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Drug Stores, Online
Nationwide (Picked up by customers)
Excellent branding for Gatorade and Pepsi Co

Over 80 countries
Offer different flavors in other countries
Discontinued flavors offered in other countries
In most of the countries, Gatorade is leading sports drink

Famous athletes promote products
Market is any active person or athlete
G2 is marketed to people who want the Gatorade with less calories

NBA, MLB, NCAA famous for having Gatorade on sidelines/dugout
Also have Gatorade towels and drinks at interviews
“Gatorade Shower”

In 1965, an assistant coach at University of Florida asked researchers why his players were 'wilting' on the field
After finding it was the loss of fluids and electrolytes, they created a beverage to change this, which we now know as Gatorade.
Vitamin Water
Other enery-enhancing drinks such as Redbull and Monster

Gatorade partnered with VML
G social channels
(Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
Apps such as Flick Football and Shot Clock Shootout
Everything to Prove series
Mission Control
Presented by Jessie Doggett, Cates Culpepper,
and Trelenie Biggers

Ages 25 & up
Ages 0-25
Product Promotion
3 Step Process (Prime, Perform, Recover)
Newest ads- Cam Newton, RG3, KD
“Win From Within!”
Promotional Ad Campaigns
Gatorade Tiger
Michael Jordan Gatorade
“Is it in you?”
Promotional Ad Campaigns
February: Dwayne Wade gives high school new locker room
While playing the game, Wade and Gatorade remolded the whole locker room
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