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Copy of My world

No description

Paul Holland-Crump

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of My world

Our World
Planet UTL
Fresh thinking
Looking at things from another perspective
A changing World
Facebook has created a model called 'work graph’ and talks about how businesses are moving towards more online discussions, work content and processes accessible in one place
Microsoft has launched Office Graph (Delve) the next generation that users learning techniques to connect you to the relevant documents, conversations, and people around you
Clarizen is driving the concept of ‘work today’, aiming to lead the field by connecting ‘islands’ in one place, i.e a powerful project management tool, in-contact collaboration and fully configurable workflow content system.
So What does this mean?
New ways of working are transforming the world of business and driving more intelligent social work experiences
Why is this important to
Clarizen isn’t just a powerful Project management tool, it can be much more integral within UTL’s estate
Imagine a world
One real time view of Performance and Progress in any business area at your fingertips which enables better informed decisions
Ability to collaborate, share information flows and content within ‘your’ business network
What could this mean for us?
Innovation - the ability to track ideas through a full life cycle and ROI
Ability to track, record time and expenses linked to live change projects and interfacing with SAP
Greater visibility of IT governance, resource management and project management performance and progress
The ability to synchronize across strategic SDM projects supporting the delivery UTL’s future by bringing together all the component parts of the business
Finance - dynamic view in real-time of ROI through new business, commercial development and operational improvements
Business Development - whole life cycle management from RFI to Go live
HR - real-time view of the people change agenda and results (projects linked to EE)
Productivity Puzzle - The ability to track and manage in real-time the business performance and productivity improvements across every customer
A future way of working
A place where we bring the business together in a single place, providing visibility of our evolving world.
The ability to plan, view, review and change what we deliver and how we deliver, building capability and credibility internally, with our existing, and new customers.

Our World is made up of
Change Management
Business Development
Operational Excellence
Employee Engagement
UTL and Customers in a single Universe
The change landscape
Focus on cost and quality
Doing more better
Viewing our world in a single place

Our road map shown by area of the business, the board can use Clarizen to manage, view and report on what is going on from a single source.
Clarizen are
There are GAP's
We have been thinking.....
Our thinking is
Establish a need
Define our requirements
Work with Clarizen
Art of possible
Develop an agile roadmap
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