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Quebec City Project

My Project

Japinder M

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Quebec City Project

Quebec City I am going to be telling you about some stuff on Quebec City, and I will also compair Quebec City to Windsor. The population in Quebec city in 2010 is 491,142. Their are 4 seasons in Quebec City: Summer: Warm and fun for outdoor activites, like hot air ballon rides, touring a vineyard, mountain biking, horse back riding, cycling, adventure sports, rafting, visiting narure parks, hunting, and fishing. Fall: Cool, nice and windy weather. Nice day to take walks and go to museums as well as amusement parks. Highs during fall are usually from 3 to 18 degrees C (37 to 64 degrees F), so days can be quite warm, especially in September Winter: Usually a lot of snow, and even colder temperatures. Really fun activited to play like skiing, snowmobiling and dogsledding. Spring: Warm, nice weather and peaceful for birdwatching in the parks or even refuges. An amazing place to go is to visit Canyon St. Anne, its breathtaking 174 m (571 ft) waterfall will amaze you. Now I will show you my compairison graph between Quebec citys Climate and Windsors Climate. These graphs may not be acurate, sorry for the inconvenience. Now I will be showing you some stuff I compared on the information I found. Quebec Windsor The population in Windsor is about 24,310 between 1991 and 2001. Quebec city has poor soil, but having the canadian shield, st.lawrence lowlands and the appalachian's all in quebec is a very big difference between the different place.
We grow all different things in Windsor, like tomatos, and nice maple syrup, we also have nicely grown mushrooms, my aunt even works at a mushroom farm! The vegetation in Quebec-Great lakes, st.lawrence: Eastern white pine, Eastern hemlock, Red pine, yellow birch, suger maple, and oak. Quebec is the largest Canadian province and it is the second largest in population.In Quebec the lanuguage is mainly French.

Rivers in Quebec: Rivière des Prairies and
Saint Lawrence River Bibliography: http://www.vacationsmadeeasy.com/QuebecCityPQ/articles/QuebecCityWeatherInformation.cfm
Schools' atlas. Quebec has great waterfalls, like you've seen the waterfall I have shown you. Quebec City is at the Atlantic Drainage basin Agriculture: Black soil in Quebec city, which means you can grow great fruits and vegitables. Now i will be showing you a video on Quebec city, so you get to know how it looks like. Well thank you for watching my prezi-tation I hope you enjoyed it!! Transportation is great. Business-friendly policies with a strong development program. Helpfull and friendly community.
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