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Balancing Person-Centered Geriatric Care

Presentation for Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference 2012

Janet Hahn

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Balancing Person-Centered Geriatric Care

Janet Hahn, Ph.D.,
WMU Center for Gerontology
WMU Medical Humanities Conference
September 27, 2012 Balancing Person-Centered Geriatric Care with Regulations, Technology, and Gizmo Idolatry 1. Knowledge of Geriatric Care
2. Medical Knowledge
3. Pharmaceutical Knowledge
4. Interprofessional Teamwork Clinical Competence 1. Clinical Trials
2. Adverse Effects
3. Cost/Benefit Research Evidence-Based Decisions 1. Family Dynamics
2. Decision-Making
3. Ageism
4. Patient/Provider Interpersonal Interaction
5. Comfort With Death
6. Advance Directives Communication 1. Medical Malpractice
2. Regulations
3. Measurement
4. Hospital/Healthcare Incentives Defensive Medicine 1. New is better.
2. Technology wins.
3. More is better.
4. Can they pay?
5. I will make more money. Gizmo Idolatry Vital Aging
Comfort Values of Person-Centered Geriatric Care Donald A. Barr, Introduction to U.S. Health Policy, Johns Hopkins, 2011.
Bruce Leff and Thomas Finucane, Gizmo Idolatry, JAMA, 2008, 299: 1830-1832.

janet.hahn@wmich.edu Values

Vital Aging
Comfort Person-Centered Future?

1. Relationship Based Care
2. Nursing Home Culture Change/Greenhouse Project)
3. Cultural Sensitivity
4. Patient Centered Medical Homes/Accountable Care Organizations
5. Avoidance of Hospital Readmissions Bruce Leff and Thomas Finucane, "Gizmo Idolatry" JAMA 2008, 299: 1830-1832.
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