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insulated house

No description

bob youma

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of insulated house

Our House Heat loss - What is the largest heat loss in houses? An easy way to compare two house in which one is better
insulated is to go out in winter and look at the two houses
roofs which ever one has more snow on it is better insulated
because most heat escapes from the roof Measurements/Blue print what Materials were used for. Clear plastic sheet Thank you Heat loss Insulated House - how can you tell which house is better inslulated? The largest heat loss in houses happens through the roof. Then through the walls The least amount of heat is lost through Windows and doors Poorly insulated houses house will frequently have to turn the heat
And A/C up. Pros Cons hotter during summer cold winter more heat being used Pictures of house Materials None at all! clear plastic sheet Budget/spent 400 Saw dust 1400 Acetate 1500 By: Ibrahim ,Connor and Mohammed Bottom half of house Foil face film 5840 5 tree cut outs 1000 Blanket felt 210 Bristol board 1154 Click PLAY Total unused: 3496 $ B x H x L 15 x 14 x 20
=4200 Roofing of the house B x H x L / 2
15 x 20 x 7 / 2
=1050 4200
5250 minimum volume: 5000
max volume: 6000 volume: The volume of our house is 5250. clear plastic sheet as a vapor barrier
keep the moist out of the house. Saw dust works as loss fill insulation keeps heat from escaping from the roof Acetate used to make single or double pane windows. Blanket felt as Batts of insulation keeps heat from escaping Foil face film used as vapor barrier and Batts 5 tree cut outs as trees to shade the house and block wind Bristol board as a wall doesn't let wind blow right in to the house.
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