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History Assignment

No description

Brittney Foster

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of History Assignment

PowerPoint /Prezi
History Assignment 3G's Exploration and Colonization New England The Colonies Mayflower Compact-Signed to establish a civil government.
Virginia House of Burgess-Became a symbol of Representative Government.
Fundamental orders of Connecticut-First written Constitution (Plan of Government). Representative Government in the Colonies Talk About 5 Men Important Men in
Early America About The Declaration of
Independents Declaration Of Independents List the 7 Principles of Constitution Principles of Constitution God Glory Gold Exploration and Colonization Christopher Columbus, was from Spain, He came a cross it when sailing west.
Cabeza De Vaca, was from Spain, He was in an hurricane and landed west of Florida
Franciso Vasquz de Coronado, was from Spain, He was searching for treasure. Three
Explores Section Of Colonies Reason For
Exploring America Discussing; Mayflower Compact, Virginia House Of Burgess, Fundamental orders Of Connecticut Middle Southern Thomas Hooker- Wrote the Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut.
Chrales de Montesquieu- He was an Political Philosophy, Theory of Seperation of Powers Judicial, executive, legeslativ. John Locke- English Philosophy.Belived In Natural Rights; life,liberty,property
William Blackstone-English judge,Became known from The Commentaries on The Laws of England.
William Penn- Wrote for a union. 6 Grievances To Declare Independence from Great Britain. Popular Sovereignty
Limited Government
Separation of Powers
Checks & Balances
Individual Rights Cause of the American Revolution 4 Causes of the American Revolution Taxation- Could not control colonies from far away.
Ethnic Diversity-Overwhelming Population growth.
Freedom- Colonies where tiered of being controlled by the British.
Economic Restrictions- Intolerable Acts of Boston Made the people even angrier. American Revolution 5 Major Event Battle of Lexington and Concord- April 19,1775
Battle o f Saratoga- Sep 19-Oct 7,1777 Winter of Valley Forge- 1777-78
Battle of Yorktown- Sep 28-Oct 19,1778
Treaty o f Paris- 1783 Anti-Federalist and Federalists Definitions Anti-Federalist- Feared strong central government.Wanted states & people to have to power.

Federalist-Wanted a strong central
government.Feared power in the hands of people. Plans of Constitutional Convention Discuss 4 plans at the Constitutional Convention Three-Fifths Compromise-Compromise between southern & northern states.
Great Compromise-Created new branches of government.
Virginia Plan-Central Government should consist of the three branches.
New Jersey Plan-A separate judicial branch consisting of one supreme court. First 5 President L
t T
m George Washington

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe Justice John Marshall List Court Cases Marbury vs. Madison Gibbons vs. Organ Talbot vs. Seeman War of 1812 Discuss It Britain Stole American Soldiers & made them fight in there war.
James Madison was president at this time.
We gained RESPECT from Great Britain Andrew Jackson Talk About Him Democrats His nick name was "Old Hickory" also know as the Common Man,7th president. Native Americans Year & Short Summary Indian Removal Act-May 26,1830,It allowed more southerners to more land.
Trial o f Tears-1831-1838,Forced to give up land east of the Mississippi River,the long walk led to hunger & disease etc. They called it Trial of Tears.
Worcester vs.Georgia- 1831,Worcester Taking over Cherokee Nation lands with out Georgia permit Manifest Destiny Year & Summary 1812-1850 Belief in the US to expand its territory over North America and inhance its economic political & social influence. US-Mexican War Causes,Treaty,Land Land
Utah Industrialization Era Definition & 3 Inventions Definition-The extensive amount of industry development. Inventions Made-
Cotton Gin,
Steam Engine. Reform Groups Discuss Reform Group Abolitionist -People who believed in no slavery.
Temperance- Where they tried to stop drinking rights. Women's Right-Women where treated with more respect and equal as men. Art of the 19th Century Discuss Art Nature Civil War 3 Causes 1. Slavery

2.State Rights

3.Abolition Movement 1. Fort Sumter: April 12-14,1861

2. Bull Run: July 1,1861

3. Antietam: September 17,1862

4. Vicksburg: May 18-July 4,1863

5. Gettysburg: July1-3 1863 Amendments to the Constitution List and Summary 1. Freedom of Speech,Press,Assembly,Petition,and Religion. Congress can't make no law against these,
13. Abolishes and Prohibits Slavery.That there is no more slavery.
19.Women Right to Vote.That women can vote from know on. Bill of Rights Freedom of speech,press,Religion, Petition .To have Freedom Cannot be deprived of life,liberty,or property without due to process of law. Get to have trial by Grand Jury. Protects against excussive bail or crual punishment. Protectsou you from crual punishment. Right Bear Arms. People have the right to have a gun. Restricts Quartering Soldiers. Freedom for quartering soldiers. Protects against Search & Seizure . Freedom form Unreasonable search & seisure. Right to speedy & puplic trial. You have the rights. Right to trial of jury. You have the rights. Provides the peoples rights are not limied to first 8 amendments. Right that are no mentioned in the Constitution. Powers not granted To national Governments are reserved to the states and the people. Powers not given to the government belong to the federal state. Causes
Mexico thought the border
was theres and the US claimed it theres and they wern't into war for that land. Treaty
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The Virginia House of Burgesses
Associated Press

The Mayflower Compact
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Christopher Columbus
Associated Press
April 4,2013
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