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L2 Unit 1 - UK Travel & Tourism Sector

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Laura Wakeling

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of L2 Unit 1 - UK Travel & Tourism Sector

Unit 1:
The UK Travel and Tourism
Sector Outcome 2 Pass?
Distinction? Outcome 1 Understand the concept of the travel and tourism sector P1 - Review the main types of tourism and the reasons why people travel P2 - Assess the contribution of
tourism to the UK economy M1 - Explain how the different
types of tourism contribute to
the UK economy Know the roles and interrelationships of organisations within the UK travel and tourism sector P3 - Outline the roles of the different types of organisations in the UK travel
and tourism sector P4 - Describe the different types of interrelationships between travel and tourism organisations. M2 - Analyse the interrelationships between organisations in the travel and tourism sector. Main types of tourism:
inbound Reasons why people travel
visiting friends and relatives
other eg health, education, sport Economic contribution of tourism:
to the UK economy
gross domestic product (GDP)
UK tourist numbers Sector
Interrelationships between organisations Domestic organisations:
domestic tour operators
transport providers (rail, air, road)
visitor attractions
supporting organisations
ancillary organisations Outbound organisations:
tour operators
travel agents
supporting organisations
ancillary organisations Inbound organisations:
tour operators
coach operators
guiding services
supporting organisations
ancillary organisations
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