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Cirque de Soleil

A prezi on quebec attractions by: Beth and Claire

Claire Martindale

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Cirque de Soleil

Quebec attractions by:
Claire and Beth Location: The Cirque de Soleil (circus of the sun) has shows all around the world. The show we will tell you about is a native show called Totem. It is in the Belle Centre in Montreal, Quebec. BONJOUR! Hotels: There are great hotels near the Cirque de Soleil. Here are 3 levels of hotels that we think may appeal to you: Hotel Le St. James is a five star luxury hotel. Here are some pictures: The 3 star hotel is Hotel La Tour Belvedere The one star motel is Motel Le Ste-Catherine. Resturants near by are: Option 1: Xo Le Restraunt Option 2: Le boeuf Gourmand Option 3: Star of India restraunt Option 4: multiple local cafes For more information, please see our brochure Totem is a cirque that is about the creation of humans. It shows the stages of animals turning human. It is a very interesting production. Language: A lot of French is spoken at the cirque and around Montreal, but bilingual speakers are also located around the cirque for your signifigance. Considre some basic french lessons. Totems show hours are
Monday- no show
Tues-Fri-show starts at 8:00 am
Sat-sun-show starts at 1:00 pm
and one starts at 5:00 pm
Fri- {Extra} show at 4:00 pm The cirque is an indoor event. But, for outside, this is the weather:
Outdoor climate [in summer]- into the 90s with high humidity
a possibilty of a light rainshower [ always carry a small umbrella!] We hope you enjoy our prezi about the Cirque De Soleil. Thank you for watching!
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