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Sand Dune Conservation

Sand Dune Conservation talk, 20 min. 5th & 6th Class.

Katy Egan

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of Sand Dune Conservation

Biodiversity conservation Conservation Methods What Can We Do? Wind Water Damaged Sand dune Sand Dunes Sand Ladders Plant Marram Grass Soil Saver Mesh What is a Sand Dune? How are Sandunes Formed? Irelands Coastline Processes Erosion Deposition Why is there a hole in the rock? The power of water! Lots of Energy is needed
for Erosion to happen WIND and WATER
are both able to erode Why is the sand high on
one side of this picture? Deposit means to drop. Deposition only happens when the wind or water loses energy and moves slowly. Formation Sand dunes have two faces. Sand builds up on a dune's windward face and slips down its leeward side, also known as the slipface.
Did you know that there are sand dunes on other planets too. Mars, Venus and one of Saturns moons - Titan. Forms of Energy Stability A ridge of sand created by wind. Stick to Paths
Plant Marram Grass
Let flowers/plants grow
Keep bikes and quads of sensitive dunes.
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