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puffer fish life cycle info


claudia sale

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of puffer fish life cycle info




puffer fish

life cycle
- The female puffer fish lays between three to seven eggs ( after the male puffer has guided the female to shore)

- Then the eggs stay on the top of the water for about a week before they hatch.


-This shell will crack and fall off and the tail and fins etc. can then grow properly.

- Once the baby puffers are big enough, they swim deeper into the water and go make friends in their new community.
-These baby puffer fish are not fully developed when they hatch and so they have a hard shell that gives them protection until their limbs have started to grow.
- The female puffer will lay her eggs on some slate or rock for the male to guard.
- In about an hour the eggs will float near the top of the water.

- After that, the female will leave and the male will stay on guard

- this video shows how dangerous a puffer fish can be .
- The male will watch the eggs for a week before the eggs hatch.
puffer fish habitat

- The puffer fish lives in tropical locations such as Hawaii and Bali

- They live and breed there for life and are also spotted in the Great Barrier Reef.
- They live in the rivers as well and breed on shore
- When the puffer fish are born they are 2.5cm long
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