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D.W. Griffith

No description

Aalia Galati

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of D.W. Griffith

Known for
After many years of acting he finally became a director. In 1915 he made the film "Birth of a Nation" which became the first masterpiece of cinema.
The Birth of a Nation
The Birth of a Nation, one of Griffith's most famous films, was about the civil war, capturing the violence and excitement of the war. Black audiences found this film a racist distortion of history. The film caused riots in a number of black communities. His film, Intolerance, sought to rectify most of the moral problems posed by "The Birth of a Nation."
Griffith was born on a poor far in Kentucky. His father was a former confederate civil war soldier and died when David Griffith was 10. Griffith spent most of his time reading and wanted to become a play write. He left home to learn how to act. He played a number of roles before becominga director
In the 1930s he was awarded an Oscar by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science.
His films have been preserved in the United States National Film Registry as culturally historic.

Fun Facts
His first wife appeared in many of his films.
He was one of the youngest/earliest directors and producers of the 1920s
In elementary, he was taught by his sister in a one room school house.
He never finished high school so he could support his family.
(American Masters)
(D.W. Griffith. [internet].2015.The Biography.com website)
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Basic Facts
Birth date/place:
1-22-1875, Kentucky
Birth name:
David Llewelyn Wark Griffith
Known for:
Film Director
Mattie Griffith
Mary Griffith, Jacob Griffith
July 23, 1948
D.W. Griffith
Movie Excerpt

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