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No description

William Barber

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of CMT MADNESS

How do matter and energy move through ecosystems?
The Suns Energy Effecting our weather patterns.
What causes wind?

What is the difference between hot and cold molecules?

Water Cycle?

Thank you!
Thursday March 30th, 2017
M: Take your notebooks out and sit at one of the 4 stations.
V: Level 0 while writing the following definitions.
P:Write down the following Key Vocabulary Words for todays game. This will be 5 pts for your team if all complete.
6th Grade CMT REVIEW

Materials can be described as either:
Pure Substances
- These are elements or compounds. They cannot be broken down. (ex Aluminum, Oxygen, H20)
- These are made of a combination of elements and or compounds and they can be seperated by physical means. ( Salt Water, Coca Cola, Air)
-An ecosystem is composed of all the populations that are living in a certain space and the physical factors with which they interact
-Biotic vs. Abiotic

Predator Prey Relationships
Food Webs- Producers --> Consumers-->Decomposers.
1. Each team will receive one packet and up to 4 textbooks.
You will be aloud to use textbooks/notebooks for each round.
2. A random question will be asked by Mr. Barber. You will have two minutes to find the answer. This question will be on the screen and in your packet.
3. A correct answer will give you 1 point and a chance to shoot the hoop.
4. If the shot is made another person in your group can shoot until a miss occurs!
5. Points will be lost with a noise violation, rude comments to other teams and of course complaining... just have fun
Scores will be labeled on the court!
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