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How to Write a Synthesis Paper

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Mizel Lim

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Synthesis Paper

How to Write a Synthesis Paper Phew. I think you're done. Almost. Some last minute reminders:
make sure EVERYTHING is in MLA format (12 pt font; Times New Roman; double-spaced; 1" margins)
Don't forget a Works Cited page
GRAMMAR! (major factor in your grade!)
Attach all of your papers (drafts, maps, etc.) together Drafts Have your draft(s) reviewed by your classmates/peers
Keep your mind open to changes and kind criticism hehe. you survived. :) Brainstorming At Last: Essay! draw a
map Use an outline like this one to plan your essay thoroughly. Outline Intro Step 1:
Start with a theme, like "Modernism" Step 2:
Write the names of the different works you will be analyzing
Draw arrows outward to show the direction of your thoughts Step 3:
Write down everything that comes across your mind that corresponds to some word/phrase already written
Draw arrows to give direction to your thoughts Step 4:
Find recurring themes in your map
Note these themes by circling or writing them down These repeating themes are your possible theses. Step 5:
Form a broad thesis statement (you will be more specific later)
Make sure that all works can somehow relate to your thesis Step 7:
Think about the different examples you can use from each work for your thesis Step 6:
Find three or more sub-themes from your thesis
These will be your body paragraphs Step 1:
Write a hook that is relevant and attention grabbing (no rhetorical questions!)
Step 2:
Include all of your works' titles and authors
Step 3:
Write your thesis (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: no "list" theses!)
Make sure you have a Point of View!! Body Step 1:
Create a topic sentence (NOTE: make sure it RELATES back to the thesis!)
Step 2:
Evidence: use quotes from the different works to CLEARLY emphasize your point
Don't leave hanging quotes (don't just throw in quotes for the heck of it)
Make sure to CITE your sources!
Provide commentary/explanations for every quote you use to relate the evidence back to the topic sentence and thesis
Step 3:
Don't forget to add transitions between your paragraphs to make your essay flow smoothly. Research Title Step 1:
Address all of your works (unless otherwise directed by your teacher)
Step 2:
Create a "Google" title
A title that people would likely search for in Google
It will umbrella your whole essay Step 1:
use only relevant data/facts (don't try to fluff up your essay by "sounding smart")
Step 2:
Cite your sources in a "Works Cited" page
Cite your sources in your essay Conclusion Step 1:
Restate your thesis
Step 2:
Review your points (topic sentences/body paragraphs)
Summarize your evidence if need be
Step 3:
Refer back to your hook
It makes your essay connect better First Draft Second Draft Final Draft created by: Michelle Lim sorry, i realized it ought to be: "women"
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