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Impact of Washington's Farewell Address

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christopher columbus

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Impact of Washington's Farewell Address

Emerging National Identity
Erik Uzarraga
Yasmine Tillman
Miles Bennett

Washington's farewell address had a long lasting impact on the US . The US took Washington's advice on avoiding permanent military alliances until 1949 when the US joined NATO . Also when the United States considered treaties they revisited Washington's Farewell Address .
Impact of Washington's Farewell Address
The Monroe Doctrine told countries in Europe to mind its own business and not to interfere with North America . He stated that the US would oppose any new attempts to recolonize north America .This impacted how Europe viewed America . He also repeated how the US committed to neutrality which further impacted the nations avoidance of foreign affairs .
Impact of Monroe Doctrine
Judicial Review originated from Marbury V. Madison . This greatly impacted the power of the judiciary by strengthening it greatly .
Origin and Impact of Judicial Review
The first ever political parties were the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. This started becasue of how they disagreed on Hamiltons plan to fix the economy .They are associations who try to elect their members to government offices to pass laws who are favorable to them .
Origin and Early Development of Political Parties
Creating A Stable Economy
America wasn't just a perfect place. It had problems Major Domestic Problems.
Creating A Stable Economy-
The most pressing problems facing Washington's Government were Economic. As a result of the American Revolution, the National Government owed another $54 million. The states owed another $24 million, and the paper money issued by the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation was worthless. The person responsible to fix this problem was Alexander Hamilton the very first Secertary of Treasury. He was the person who got America out of debt and into a better Economic plan. His plan was to repay the debt america owed to establish a better credit, and creating a national bank, imposing a higher tax raise on whiskey from farmers in the West , and a protective Tariff a tax that would be put on any imported foreign good that would protect American industries from foriegn competition.
Defining the Nations New Central Government
The Constitution allowed the President to appoint officials in charge of the executive departments. The chief officials that Washington appointed began meeting together with him in what became known as the Cabinet. Over the years, additional Cabinet departments were created. The Cabinet was one of the important precedents established by Washington. A precedent is an action taken for the first time , which is followed by others afterwards. Basically The Cabinet kept everyone in check, made sure rules were bieng followed, and controlled many problems America had to face.
Setting Up The Court System
America set up its court system and detailed how it would be used in the Articles of Confederation and in the U.S Constitution.
There were political parties such as Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.
There was a Supreme court in which many people believed it had the least power out of all of the Government until it was made the Supreme and highest powered Court.

Maintaining National Security
In order to maintain Americas national security George Washington and many other presidents had to sign peace treaties and establish trust and loyal to many Native American tribes and other settlements that were not American.
And America remained neutral to stay out out of in European originated wars or foreign wars.
The Emergence of Political Parties
Alexander Hamilton's program was strongly opposed by Thomas Jefferson, Washington's Secretary of State. Jefferson, Madison and thier folloers believd Hamilton's plan would only benefit the wealthy , and of whom could actually pay it.
They also felt that the Constitution did not give the Federal Government the right to create a national bank. This disagreement gave rise to America's first political parties. They were Federalist which was mostly merchants and manufacturers, and Democratic-Republican which mostly consisted of farmers, ranchers and skilled craftsmen.
Foreign Policies
Foreign Policy- Concerns relations with other countries

Foreign Policies
Conduct Foreign Relations-They had to become trustful with foreign countries so no one would be a threat
Enter into treaties with several Native American tribes- this was to keep the natives from attacking the U.S settlements and keep citizens safe.
Proclaim Neutrality- Thhis was so the U.S did not have to take sides of any foriegn or European originated wars
Funding the Financial debt- In which America had got its self into after the American Revolution which was a total of $54 million.
Creating an Army to fight the Europeans- This would give America a much greater chance in the war between Napolean and France.
The Lousiana Purchase- When America bought Lousiana in 1803 , it was sold by Napolean Bonaparte Himself (the new ruler of france). This Purchase doubled the Size of america. Which led on to The Lewis And Clark Expedition.
The Embargo Act- British ships siezed U.S ships and impressed the men they captured. This greatly humiliated the Americans and it began to pressure President Jefferson into taking action
The Impact of Washington's Farewell Adress and the MOnroe Doctrine
Washington's Farewell Adress: Washinhton believed two terms were the most any President should serve. And for the next 130 years, Presidents have followed this precedent by not seeking more than two terms.

Monroe Doctrine: The monroe Doctrine told Europeans to keep thier hands off the Western Hemisphere. Besides warning Spain and France, Monroe was also adressing Russia . In which whom had theartend Americas Oregon Territory by Settling in South Alaska. In this way the U.S had established its own "sphere of influence" in North America.
Annoted BIbliography
We used the History Text book(gray). Pages 170-190 . We summarized their words and completed our project
The Book gave us the information we needed and we completed our project with complete ease.
Yes. We would recommend our History book(gray) to other students and teachers and other schools.
Marbury V. Madison
President Adam's just before leaving office appointed Marbury as a justice of the peace. The new secetary of state, James Madison , refused to deliver his commision making him a justice of the peace. Marbu asked the supreme court to require Madison to deliver his commision. The first congress had passed the Judiciary Act of 1789 to create lower federal courts. Marbury argued the act gave Supreme Court the power to force Madison to deliver the commision.

The court ruled that the part of the Judiciary act that gave the Supreme court it's power to order delivery of commision went against the constitutions. The court declared that part of the act to be hull and void. This case established judicial review- the right of the Supreme court to declare a law unconstitutional . This greatly strenghted the power of the Judiciary by making it the final authority in interpretting the constitution.
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