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RVA Med Group Mgmg Asoc


Nick Dawson

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of RVA Med Group Mgmg Asoc

May 13th 2010 Social Media & Healthcare a conversation you cannot afford to miss Nick Dawson - @nickdawson - @BonSecoursRVA flickr - niznoz Dinasaurs - 160000000 BCE flickr - Donnacadh & Lauzy Stonehenge - 2400 BCE Beowulf Gutenburg Bible - 1450 1776 Magna Carta - 1215 CE What is social media? = ? And it is an important conversation... circulation of the RTD - 161,000 Page views - 8,800
Site Rank - 652,575 A very important conversation Facebook Members - 400,000,000
Page Views - 3,000,000,000
Site Rank - 2 Average Ad Price - $10,000 Cost to post - $0 Its high impact Its happening now Right now for Bon Secours 10 new families to Bon Secours Medical Practices
(Total as of 4/2010 - 35)
Service recoveries
Community engagement In the last 3 weeks... On their own Over 600 people have become fans
Mostly employees
All by word of mouth, during "off hours" 65 people watched via streaming video
Questions/Comments from Twitter
Facebook Connect A social hub A service center approach Any ?s www.nickdawson.net/rmgma @BonSecoursRVA - @nickdawson #RMGMA its a conversation It is a critical conversation Good Sharing Blog Content pipeline with unlimited copacity
Branded presentation
800 views per month tying it together improving the patient expirence and the bottom line EMR
It's happening now when it works Who What When How Why Getting Started # Town Square
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