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Mr. Parke

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Electoral

BY:Morgan Harris and Saniyah Manningham
Electoral College
Electoral college is a body of people representing the states of the U.S. These people formally cast votes for the election of Vice President and President.
What is Electoral college?
The whole U.S has Electoral Colleges. For example, Ohio has 18 electoral votes so it has to have an electoral college.
Who has Electoral colleges
California has the most electoral votes because they have a lot of people, Unlike Montana Who has fewer people.

Fun Fact
The 12th Amendment ratified in 1804 changed the original process, allowing for seperate ballots to be used for determining the President and the Vice President.
When did Electoral Colleges Start
How Many are There?
There are 538 electors and a majority of 270 votes are required to elect the president
Thanks for watching
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