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Setting>The main setting in the story King Thrushbeard retol

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Michael Azzi

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Setting>The main setting in the story King Thrushbeard retol

King Thrushbeard
Setting>The main setting in the story King Thrushbeard retold by the Brothers Grimm is a Kingdom and many minor sites. The way the stetting affect the story though, is that if all the characters would not have there own personality. If the characters were pirates, the probably worry about being pretty or care who the are going to marry.
All of the characters in this story are unique in there own way. Like the princess only cares for herself. All of her doings is for herself. Also to me King Thrushbeard was kind of like a stalker. He followed the princess everywhere she went disguised as different people.
The conflict in this story is Man vs Man. This is the conflict because the whole story is basically the princess vs King Thrushbeard. This is the conflict because the princess and King Thrushbeard. They both wanted each other.
The antagonist is King Thrushbeard because he is in conflict with the princess.
The protagonist in this story is the princess.
The plot in this story is the princess wanted to marry King Thrushbeard. This is the climax because this is the big action in the story.
The theme of this story is (or lesson) is Don't judge a book by it's cover. This is the theme of the story because in the beginning, the princess thought that King Thrushbeard looked funny. But in the ending of the story, since he was rich and handsome, she wanted to marry him.
Thanks for watching!
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