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my career project

No description

michael yracheta

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of my career project

Job description
My job description:To protect lives and property/enforced laws/respond to emergency and non-emergency calls/ patrol assigned areas/conduct traffic stops and issue citations/search for vehicle records and warrants using computer in the field /obtain warrants and arrest suspects/collect and secure evidence from crime scenes/ observe the activities of suspects/write detailed report and fill out forms/prepare cases and testify in court.
Ashford University
I picked this collage because it has law enforcement and criminal justice.
Grand Canyon University
This collage has criminal justice law enforcement and more that can help me out on getting to be a police officer.
Baker Online
This collage has law enforcement academy Bachelor and a criminal justice bachelor.
What type of degree i need
The work environment
It would be physically demanding,stressful,and dangerous. And i must be on alert and ready to react at any moment throughout my entire shift.
Police Officer by Michael yracheta
A range of a high school diploma to a collage degree and then agency's training academy. And do 4 years with collage & universities.

Personality and Quality's
Is to protect lives and property and to
gather facts and collect evidence of possible crimes
work setting
i would have to learn
what skills i need to use in specific areas i would need to stay at.
Wages and benefits
all Police and Detectives
work full time and get paid
working overtime.
Employment outlook
Employment of police and
detectives is projected to grow 4
percent from 2014 to 2024, slower
than the average for all occupations.
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