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all about me me me

No description

rachel bashizi

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of all about me me me

Hi my name is Rachel Bashizi. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. My birthday is October 28 1999. I am 12 years old . I went to st.lukes elementary , and now I go to St Patricks Intermediate School. dazzled hear about my
trip to calypso who is the mystery
celeb who wrote
an song inspirational
that is now my
favourite song
There are seven people in my family. I have three brothers and two sisters, John, Joakim, Stella, Faver, and my mom. As a family we love to eat
and cook a lot of mouth
warming meals. My best friends are Dina and Sofia. I have been friends with Dina for as long as I can remember , and I have been friends with Sofia since the fifth grade. They have always been there for me. We like hang out at the park or sometimes play basketball. In my spare time I love to paint my nails ,make silly videos .When I'm not making videos you can find me playing badminton or just chilling at home. My favourite meal is rice and chicken.
my favourite book is underground to Canada, and my favourite movie is the boy in striped pajamas. I chose this two because one is about the holocaust and the other is about slavery witch are my two favourite topics in history. me ! calypso :) Calypso has tons of rides to chose from, like the
boomerang, adrenaline,and the black hole. The food was mouth warming and well cooked. I had a hot dog and a pizza. The weather..... well it was chilly but sunny and the water was warm, so people wouldn't freeze. Other than that the weather was okay Last year I went to calypso water park . It is in Ottawa Ontario. I went with my school. My friends and I went on all of the rides. I chose to go because my friends told me it was very fun and cool. Me and my friends took pictures with calypso the mermaid and the pirate. I highly suggest that you visit calypso it has a wide
range of rides to chose from. People of all ages are welcome. If
your not for the rides and just came for the kids you can
have fun in the wave pool or relax in the lazy river. Don't forget it is the biggest water park in north America. so either way you will always have fun at calypso water park goals This year I want to achieve a lot of things. Some of the things I want to achieve is making the badminton team, having a hair dressing club and getting better grades. I will achieve all those things by working hard and getting good grades. When I get older I would like to get into a good university in the united states of America.
As I get older I would like to join the FBI. After that when I am exactly 30 years old i want to have five kids. Music This song shows my outlook on life and what I think is important as a person. "Listen" is about having your own mind and making you own decisions.It also talks about how just because someone else has a dream for you that you have to follow it. "Listen" has had a large impact on my life and I think that who ever listens to this song will find that it will influence their lives too. Respect you say, but what you do. Also when you give someone respect in return they will give it to you back. I try to give respect not on a daily basis but as much as I can. I think that respect should be give on a daily basis , and I should give it more than usual I usually do. $1.99 Art by Jolis Paons. I choose this dress to be artistic because firstly it's made by a phone book. Also because it is unique,and it shows that who ever wears it likes to make fashion statements, and stand out from the crowd. lastly because i love the wow factor of the dress. There are a lot of unique dress out there, but i find this one to be the best that i have seen. How I want to live my live. There are a lot of ways I want to live my live. Gandhi once said " be the change you want to see in the world".To me that means that if you see that something should be change in the world or even in our community. You have to be the to change that or help change it. I know that being a police officer or even joining the FBI, I am making the world a better place for the next generation to come. This quote helped me realize what I want to do with my life, so that's why I chose it for the article. Self help me ......................... 1
calypso trip............2
goals ......................3
music .....................4
respect ...................5
self help...................7 table of contents my recipe my family
my life respect is a big word the means a lot.
To me the respect is shown by our actions
not our words. that means it doesn't matter what this an artistic hand made dress one
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