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Great Canadian Achievements.

No description

Jaymen Hamilton

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Great Canadian Achievements.

Unit 7:Culminating. Jaymen Hamilton
Outstanding Canadian Achievements. 1914~1999
Vimy Ridge
The Roaring Twenties
1920 ~ 1929
Political responses to The Great Depression
The picture above is a group of Canadians gearing up for a game of Hockey.
This picture is of Canadians on Vimy Ridge

picture shows mission offering free breakfast for men who cant afford their own.
Canada Liberates Holland
1930 ~ 1938
people of Holland celebrating freedom
1939 ~1945
First Canadian Wins Nobel Peace Prize
From the years 1914-1919 a great outstanding Canadian achievement was the battle of Vimy Ridge. This was a notable achievement in Canada's armed forces in war. In 1914 admirable General Arthur Currie was given the task of strategist and training the troops for this battle.The British and French who had tried already failed horribly and lost 150,000 men. Arthur was given many helpful assets.Arthur Currie used 5 special techniques that were the defining factors of the Canadian's winning the battle.The five were, replica, maps, drills, air reconnaissance, and creeping barrage. The Canadians won the battle and lost only 4,000 men, which was outstanding. This was a huge accomplishment for Canada's military. The German troops were very experienced and we still came out on the winning side. This battle was praised by Canadians as one of greatest victories in the decade. Brigadier General A.E Ross stated that after the battle he witnessed a "birth of a nation”. Canadian troops showed to the world how special they were during that battle. This was significant to Canadian history because we had defeated a small bit of the German stronghold. 92 years ago a young independent nation triumphed over the impossible and Canadians sacrificed themselves for our great country. This was one of the first time and event like this happened. It was truly amazing what the Canadian soldiers accomplished that day and will forever be a defining moment of Canadian history.
The Roaring Twenties (Popular Culture) was a great achievement because it molded Canada into what she is today.It was a notable advance into what Canada's cultural identity is today. During this decade we chose our cultural traditions, national sports, and our women finally earned rights that they deserved.Also we the technological era beginning Canadians were employed to create automobiles and radios. We achieved our own media and this new identity would change Canada forever. We achieved our nation’s identity in this decade. During the twenties Canada had been recovering from World War 1. The twenties had been a great decade for Canada overall.This was a great accomplishment for that decade because Canada found our future traditions and the Canadian culture was revealed to the world. Hockey one of the sports our nation is known for became much more popular in that decade as seen in the background picture. Also a couple of Canadians won gold medals in the Olympics which was a huge honor. Technology was introduced during this decade. Many Canadian families bought radios for family entertainment. Automobiles provided many jobs for unemployed Canadians. Fredrick Banting a doctor who graduated from UFT discovered that the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin. His medical discovery had a good impact on diabetics around the world. Overall this was a great achievement of that decade. This was significant to Canadian history for a couple of reasons. Many things that we use in our modern day lives were introduced in the twenties. All of the new things introduced were crucial to the development of Canada. The roaring twenties were very significant to Canadian history.
(Recovering from The Great Depression) The dirty thirties had been very harsh for Canadians. Recovering from the Great Depression was the #1 priority on every Canadian politician’s agenda. This was notable in the development of Canada’s identity. Each politician had a different strategy to fix the country. Most of these politicians believed Canada was too far gone for help and based their strategies off socialism. The Union National who was not based off of this strategy was elected to power in 1936 and stayed in power for almost 3 decades. The Union National got Canada back on its feet and helped our nation put The Great Depression in our past. This was a great Canadian achievement for those reasons. It was a great accomplishment for that decade because Canada had been going through harsh times economically and naturally with all the dust storms and locust. So when the Union National was elected they got the country back on its feet. This was significant to Canadian history because it showed that we came come back from the worst financial/economic situations. Also this showed how Canadian citizen’s made the right choice when they a time of need. Also the way the election was held is very similar to a modern day election. Those are the reasons why this was significant to Canadian history.
When Canada liberated Holland it was an ongoing quest for Canada seeking social justice on and international level.. The liberation of Holland began on September 13, 1944 with American troops marching into Maastricht. The Americans airborne assault ended up delaying the liberation of Holland. General H.D.G Crerar led his first Canadian army. There were still many allied troops under his influence but in mid-march 1945, Canadian corps arrived from Italy to replace the British corps. On May 5Th, 1945 it fell to Canadians to liberate western Holland. The Canadians were successful and the Dutch people were very appreciative this led to long lasting bonds between Canadians and Dutch people. It was a great achievement for that decade because Canada helped another country in its time of need. We also created a good relation with the Dutch that still exist in modern day. This decade had some upsetting losses like the Dieppe Raid. But this liberation was a good thing for Canada. This was significant to Canadian history because it showed how Canada wants social justice for themselves and other countries that deserve it. Canada freed the Dutch from their problems and brought justice to citizens that couldn’t make a difference. Not only did we achieve a good deed but we got a country back up on its feet. In the long run this was a great achievement for Canadians and was very significant to our nations history.
In this decade the United Nations was being formed.One of the most decorated Canadians of all time Lester B. Pearson helped the United Nations solve the Suez Crisis. Many people say that Pearson saved the world. Lester B Pearson also became Prime Minister in the following decade. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the Suez Crisis. He was the first Canadian to win which was a huge honor for our country. This was a great achievement for that decade because Lester saved many lives. Lester basically stopped war which was truly amazing. His is known as the Father Peace keeper in modern day. Many people would have lost their lives if the Suez Crisis continued on. His achievements were significant to Canadian history because one of the most decorated Canadians of all time had a great impact. He not only altered our country positively but several others as well. Also it was the first time ever a Canadian won the Nobel Peace Prize. And it was all done by our future Prime Minister. Lester B Pearson is still a big part of Canada many schools, airports and buildings are named after him. Lester B Pearson was very significant to Canadian history.
Lester Smiling for a photo
The End
There are Countless outstanding achievements.The seven i chose were the ones i thought most important. Canada is a truly amazing country.Im glad I learnt about its history this July.
Canada The Cultural Mosaic
1960 ~ 1967
A canadian flag showing that Canada is made up of a huge variety of cultures.
In this decade Canada changed their old racist immigration policies and renewed them to accept immigrants.Canada became much more multicultural. In the 60s Canada developed the point system which completely eliminated racism from immigration. Canada is known as a cultural mosaic which means many people are different culturally but still Canadian. This was a great achievement of that decade because Canada became more diverse. More jobs were created and people where happy that they could finally bring their family in from their country of origin. This was notable achievement in the development of Canada’s culture. This was significant to Canadian history for a couple of reasons. One this was the beginning of a multi-cultural society in Canada which was great. Unlike the Americans Canada respects your original culture much more. If this never happened Canada would be different negatively. This was crucial in the development of Canada and significant to our history.
Taking Care of our Environment
1968 ~ 1999
Detailed photo of the Canadian Shield
The state of the environment was realized 3 decades ago and we started raising awareness.In that time period scientist discovered emissions was the cause of the climate change. Canada placed some environmental laws. This was an outstanding achievement because people realized the Earth was changing and we needed to keep it sustainable. Catholics also believed we should take greater care of the environment. This was great achievement of that decade for various reasons. Not much war or social issues happened during this time period. So when we discovered we were slowly wearing down the ozone layer we tried to make a change. This is significant to Canadian history for a couple of reasons. The environment is still a major issue today. It’s good we addressed it a while ago. There are many companies that’s sole purpose is to protect our environment. After all if we don’t take care our environment we would cease to exist. This was very significant to Canadian history.
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