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Timeline of Catholic Church in Australia

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Timothy Ryan

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of Catholic Church in Australia

Timeline of events in Catholicism
1803 - First public Mass
The first public mass was said by Fr. Dixon on May 15, 1803, after the Governor (Gov. Philip Gidley King) signed the orders. This meant that the colony of 1700 were free to practice their faith. This was a key event for Catholics as they are are able to break away from the original sanctioned faith, the Church of England.
1820 - First official priests arrive
In 1820, Frs. Therry and Connolly, are the first official priests to arrive in Australia. Catholics can now have their masses celebrated by a proper priest. This opened the door for other priests to follow

1821 - First Catholic Church
In 1821, the first Catholic church was built in Richmond, Tasmania. This provided a permanent place for Catholics to go and have masses and pray. This was the start of the construction of many other Churches across Australia.
1848 - The Church is divided into provinces and dioceses
In 1848, the Catholic Church in Australia is divided into provinces and dioceses. This meant that there was no longer only 1 person in charge of all the parishes, but many with their own area to look after. This meant that changes could be made quicker and easier.
1866 - Sisters of St. Joseph Founded

In 1866 Mary McKillop (now Saint) and Fr. Julian Tenison Woods found Sisters of St. Joseph. Through the sisters, a school for poor/disadvantaged children was established. This influenced the way Catholic education was shaped.

Tim Ryan 9.4
Timeline used:
Governor Philip Gidely King
Frs. Terry and Connoly
The Church, as it appears today
The provinces and dioceses as they appear today
The schoolhouse, as it appears today
A short look inside the church...
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