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No description

Şeyma Üçkardeş

on 12 January 2016

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015
The movie was about a
person that has financial trouble. The meaning of life is shopping for
Rebecca Bloomwood-
the main character. And her main aim was working at a fashion magazine
. But things didn't go on as planned. Suddenly she started to work at a financial magazine. She should write about secret of 'pay less buy more' on the magazine. However she doesn't know. On the other hand, credit card receipts cause a serious problems in her life . Lies day by day grow up and cause bigger trouble. Her friend made her attend the therapeutic group in order to get rid off shopaholic attitudes. But this group didn't work and the man who she loves learn her all lies. After all, she discover that something should be done. She decided to sell her all stuffs. Even green scarf that she bought to look more self-confidence when she went to job interview.
This need is affected by parents ,family and society of Rebecca’s. Because her family has anti-consumption behavior and they prefer not to consume for unnecessary purchases but this situation influences Rebecca in a completely opposite way
Rebecca is also a brand addicted.
She does not want to buy a bag,
she wants to buy a Gucci bag.
Trio of needs
Among the elements of trio of needs -power, affiliation and achievement, the most suitable ones for Rebecca is affiliation and achievement. For example, before she went to job interview in magazine she wants to be hired, she buys a green scarf in the sake of being late to interview.
Motivational factors:
Hedonic factors:

The reason of Rebecca's purchasings are totally hedonic. She buys items even if she doesn't need to. For example, in the movie, she gets the credit card receipts at the end of the month, she even can't believe that she makes so many spendings.
Social characteristics:
Her parents have inner characteristics
because they rely on their own judgements
before purchases.

Need for cognition:
Rebecca has low level of need for cognition because before make a purchase decision she doesn’t think about too much whether she needs that product or the features of product is suitable for her. These dont matter for her.
Rebacca has materialistic personality. She has lots of clothes in her room and cant find a place to put them. She describes herself with her clothes.

Fixated Consumption:
It is hard to say that Rebacca has fixated consumption behavior but her friend in therapy group has. That’s because, fixated consumption refers to people buying always the same products in the product category.
Compulsive Consumption:
Rebecca has strong desire to buy things, most of the time, regardless of what it is. She is keep buying things although she has financial problems and reactions from her social environment but she can’t stop herself.
Brand Personality
Brand personality refers to emotional identity for a brand. In the movie it is mentioned very briefly saying that ‘speaking Prada’.
Sensory Inputs and Store Image
Rebecca describes the inputs in stores as attractive and challenging. When she enter the store, she feels the smells of the store and says that stores always has a specific scent. She also mentioned that in the stores in which she can touch the stuffs, make her buy more things.


Rebecca can be thought as low involved consumer because she purchase something for only visual reason, meaning that she does not think about the product and collect information about product deeply, she decides of the moment.
Perceived Risks:
It refers to possible consequences that occur after the purchase decision. The biggest risk Rebecca faces is financial risk. She has loan that she can’t afford to pay because of the unconscious purchase decisions. After a while, she gets into bad situation and this causes even loss of her reputation.
This fits with Rebacca's parents. In the movie, we see her parents avoid to consume and buy. They save money for a long time with little purchase behaviors. They also don't like new and expensive products


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