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Introduction to "Nightjohn"

No description

Jason Miron

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to "Nightjohn"

Introduction to "Nightjohn"
By Gary Paulsen

Anticipation Guide
Complete the anticipation guide for "Nightjohn" and answer honestly. When you are finished, wait for direction.
"Nightjohn" Movie Trailer
Ticket out the Door
Make a prediction. From the information you learned today, what do you believe this historical fiction book will be about?

Hint: Your answer must be at least three sentences (complete sentences)
Claim: The story will be about. . .
Evidence: This is true because. . . or I believe this to be true because . . .
Slavery in the United States
Historical Fiction
Setting: Takes place in the southern United States.
Takes place before the Civil War when slavery was still a way of life in the southern United States.
The events are accurate
The characters are made up
The story is fictional
What makes this historical fiction?
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