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ACC Risk/Travel Management Policy

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allison lemons

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of ACC Risk/Travel Management Policy

ACC Risk/Travel Management Policy
Emergency Guidelines
What to do in a medical emergency
Off Campus:
Notify local authorities at 911 immediately.
On Campus:
Notify ACC police at 223-7999
immediately, who will then notify the risk manager.
Notify the Director of Student Life Cheryl Richard at 223-3120.

Adopt you own Risk Management policy
You may use this Prezi as a resource to create your own Risk Management Policy catered to your club or Org needs.

You could include this policy in your Org Constitution or Bylaws under Member Requirements.
In addition, you could have each member sign a contract to adhere to your Risk Management Policy.

The Office of Student Life is committed to creating a safe environment for students, staff, faculty, and community members to participate in Student Life sponsored activities and services.
We trust you will uphold this same mission as a student leader in your Orgs!

Student Responsibilities & Expectation of Behavior
Attend Student Life travel orientation workshop.
Comply with all policies
as outlined in the Student Life Organizations Handbook and the ACC Student Handbook.
Do not engage in illegal or otherwise distasteful behavior.
Do not consume alcohol.
Adhere to the requests of your advisor.
Attend all events/sessions
for which you are registered and/or expected.
Read, understand, complete, sign, and submit the following:
1. Travel Commitment and Waiver of Liability Form.
2. Designated Driver Form (advisors and students driving private vehicles only)

What to do in a mechanical breakdown
Notify ACC police at 223-7999
immediately, who will then notify the risk manager.
Notify destination point of arrival delay immediately.
Notify the Director of Student Life Cheryl Richard at 223-3120.

What to do in an accident
Notify local authorities at 911 immediately.
Notify emergency contact persons immediately.
Notify ACC police at 223-7999
immediately, who will then notify the risk manager.
Notify the Director of Student Life Cheryl Richard at 223-3120.

Vehicle Restrictions
Vehicle(s) rented or owned
by Austin Community College must be used to transport one or more currently enrolled students to a college sponsored activity or event located more than 25 miles from Austin City limits.
Vehicle(s) may be rented for official business
and driven only by full-time staffing table college employees who have met vehicle operator criteria. All vehicles must be operated by a properly licensed driver over the age of 19.
Vehicle(s) must be rented through
the Purchasing Department in the name of ACC. If for some reason Purchasing is not able to rent the vehicle, Purchasing Department personnel will provide rental instructions.
Private Driver(s)

All adult student driver(s) (18 years or older)
must sign a waiver explaining that when they drive their own private vehicle(s) they are responsible, and that ACC has no liability if damages occur.

Private student vehicle accident(s)
will be covered by the student’s liability/comprehension insurance policy.

ACC provides Student Accident Travel insurance
for medical coverage in the event a student is injured during an ACC sponsored trip more than 25 miles from Austin City limits. Risk Management must be notified, prior to the trip, of the students traveling in private vehicles.

Convoy Travel
When multiple vehicles are traveling in convoy,
all vehicle shall have printed directions to the intended destination.

All drivers should have an understanding
of a plan in the event of separation (i.e. meeting spots).

When traveling in a convoy using private vehicles,
the name of the vehicle owner, operator, driver license number and proof of insurance along with emergency numbers must be left with the risk manager prior to the trip.

Vehicle Safety Requirement
Seat belts:
When attending ACC business off campus, ALL passengers must wear a seat belt whenever a vehicle is in operation.
All responsible college official(s) shall not drive for more than three consecutive hours without taking a 15 minute break or relief from driving.
If a passenger observes
the responsible college official(s) of an ACC-owned vehicle(s), vehicle(s) rented for ACC business, or private vehicle(s) displaying any signs of fatigue or sleepiness, he/she must immediately notify the other passengers and request that the driver take a rest break.
Any resistance to this request
by the driver must be reported to the Student Life Director and the Risk Manager, upon returning to campus.
More Safety
Alcohol and Drugs
The possession, sale or use of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs
on ACC premises is prohibited by College policy.
Students who violate ACC policy or state law
will be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution
The College has the responsibility to investigate
and/or refer for prosecution any student who possesses, uses, manufactures, and/or sells alcohol or a controlled substance on any ACC campus or center or at any ACC-sponsored event whether on or off campus.

Under state law (VTCA Education Code, Sections 4.5 – 4.58)

According to the law a person can commit a hazing offense not only by engaging in a hazing activity but also by soliciting, directing, encouraging, aiding or attempting to aid another in hazing intentionally, knowingly or recklessly allowing hazing to occur; or by failing to report in writing to Cheryl Richard, The Director of Student Life, first hand knowledge that a hazing incident is planned or has occurred.

Discrimination and Harassment
ACC policy states that any activities that could be described as harassment are prohibited.
Any student who believes they have been subject to harassment and/or believe they have been discriminated against because of their race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or disability, and students who believe they have been denied any accommodation to which they are entitled should report this matter, in writing, to Cheryl Richard, Student Life Director.

It is unlawful to carry a concealed weapon on ACC premises.
A person commits an offense if, with a firearm, illegal knife, club or other prohibited weapon (Section 46.05(a) of the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws) he/she intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly enters the physical premises of ACC or other grounds, buildings or vehicles used to conduct ACC business.

The penalty for failure to report is a fine of up to $1,000, up to 180 days in jail, or both.

Private Driver(s)
ACC adult student driver(s) (18 years or older)
are not covered by ACC vehicle insurance and cannot be ACC approved drivers. If adult students (18 years or older) choose/decide to drive their own private vehicle or if adult students (18 years or older) choose/decide to ride with another adult student participant (18 years or older), those are personal choices/decisions.

Responsible college official(s)
must not “arrange” for students to drive other students.
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