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Untitled Prezi

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Spencer Zanck

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by Spencer Zanck A-Z Word Guessing Game MLK Z is for Zealous Why? Because that is where MLK was born and raised. Why? That was why he pastored. B is for baptist Why? Because that was Martins main focus in his later life. C is for Civil Rights Why? That was the name of his oldest daughter Y is for Yolanda Why? He was very enthusiastic. (zealous) A is for Atlanta D is for dedicated Why? Because he was dedicated to everything he did E is for Ebenezer Why? That is where he started pastoring. F is for Freedom Why? That is what he worked on for blacks START G is for Germany Why? That is where he got the name Martin Luther. H is for Holocaust Why? The survivors supported his march's and protests. I is for I have a Dream Why? That was one of his best speeches. J is for jail Why? He was jailed for protesting many times K is for King Why? That was his family's last name L is for Leadership Why? He led the people M is for Michael Why? That was his original name N is for Noble Peace Prize Why? He was the first black to win the award. O is for optimistic Why? He would always look at the bright side of things. P is for protest Why? He led the protest march's for blacks. Q is for quintessential Why? He was considered a great, quintessential Civil Rights leader. R is for religion Why? He was dedicated to religion and equality S if for segregation Why? He fought against it T is for tragic Why? His death was tragic to many U is for U.S. Why? That is where he was where he lived V is for victory Why? He succeeded in the fight against segregation W is for walk Why? He led the walk on Washingotn X s for Malcolm X Why? He helped M.L. fight segregation FINISH (Works Cited from Prezi.com)
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