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Calyx & Corolla

No description

Michelle Lam

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Calyx & Corolla

Problem Rachel Chang, Meher Engineer, Michelle Lam & Victoria Lei Calyx & Corolla Alternatives Criteria How to accomplish long –term growth while maintaining their distribution strategy? How to gain market share from existing competitors who lead the floral market? Market Share - 1987 Floriculture Sales Breakdown Financial Statement (In 000s) FedEx Relationship
Continuity Programs
Special relationship with growers (benefits)
Very personalized with excellent service Minimal geographic regions. (Hawaii, California, Florida.
Eight growers represent 80% of product
Restricted to customers who are comfortable with the mail-order idea
Few key personnel Gain international growers with exotic flowers (change programs slightly to accommodate this).
Make partnership with FedEx international, Sunday and Holiday FedEx delivery
Partner up of florists.
Partner up with big retail stores (Bloomingdales)
Increase corporate business Bad Weather
Current competitors
Indirect competition Recommendation Alternatives: Increase Advertising Budget
Create New Partnerships
Improve Current Relationships (FedEx, Growers) Alternative # 1: Increase Advertising Budget Alternative # 2: Create New Partnerships Alternative # 3: Improve Current Relationships (FedEx, Growers) Implementation (Alternative #1): PROS
increasing awareness
generating new customers
incurr high costs
may not have high returns Advertise during the months of June, July, August & September
Multiple Resources PROS
expand customer base
less competition segment
quality standardization
restrictions to expansion PROS
gain increased confidence of growers
ensure flowers are always fresh
faster shipping time, delivery on rare days & customer tracking of individual orders online
improved efficiency
greater customer satisfaction.

cost of improvement Implementation (Alternative #2): Implementation (Alternative #3): insurance for growers
Sundays and Holiday Delivery
website where FedEx can provide individual online tracking for customers Alternative # 1 Alternative #2 Alternative #3 Comparing Alternatives Increase Advertising Budget CC's current position
Obtain Market Share & Awareness Uniqueness & Differentiation
Company success Possible investors
Future growth Ability to sucessfully attract and maintain new customers along with their existing clients Things to Consider:

Creating new relationships
key personnel
international opportunities Resources:
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