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Weston Favell Academy Mrs Ajayi Sustainability 2

No description

Arin Ajayi

on 24 November 2011

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Transcript of Weston Favell Academy Mrs Ajayi Sustainability 2

Eco footprint CFCs End-of-life disposal Eco design Reforestation Product planning Product development Design Process Functionality Safety Ergonomics Aesthetics ENVIRONMENTAL
ISSUES Technical issues and
requirements Materials Manufacturing process The measurement of human actions on the environment The wood, pulp or trees used to make
the original material comes from a
managed and sustainable forest

A sustainable forest where trees are
replanted after being cut down

The restocking or replanting of existing forests and woodlands.
Replanting trees that have been cut down Biodegradeable:
Rot naturally in the environment Recycleable Aluminium Mobius loop This green dot symbol means that the company has paid (made a financial contribution) towards recycling
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