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Medusa Allusion

Allusions of Medusa and my custom business.

Emma Crittendon

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Medusa Allusion

Medusa Jane Eyre
By:Charlotte Brontë “I thought Medusa had looked at you, and that you were turning to stone—perhaps now you will ask how much you are worth?” This excerpt from "Jane Eyre" compares someone to one of Medusa's victims. The Medusa Cement Company makes industrial limestone products. It also provides construction services for highway safety. It uses the name Medusa because her look can turn anyone to stone. " ...the unwieldy web of water is formed Medusa-like by the joining of the Golden State's two largest arteries..." They use Medusa-like to tell people how intertwined the canals are. Medusa Allusions By: Emma Crittendon
English 1
Hall They use the name Medusa because the jellyfish's tentacles look like Medusa's hair. Medusa's Statues You'll feel like Medusa when your yard is filled with the amazing statues! People will turn to stone when they see these great works of art! Buy your statue now, and we'll include a free snake!
ONLY $19.99! This advertisement is approved by Medusa. Plus $6.99 s&h
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