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Migrating data into an Innovative ILS

Innovative Users Group 2011, San Francisco, California, April 16, 2011

Carrie Preston

on 11 October 2011

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Transcript of Migrating data into an Innovative ILS

http://www.goalexandria.com/ bib records using data from NLM Catalog and other sources hand keyed item data Transforming data,
maintaining service:
migrating a non-Innovative
library catalog
into an existing
Millennium system I. START barcodes LCHCKIN TOT CHKOUT collection had been weeded/catalog somewhat cleaned V. BUILD MarcEdit's
with REGULAR EXPRESSIONS to add subfield delimiters,
and more VI. LOAD no attempt to
existing bib
lccn not indexed
isbn, title too risky ca. 400 bibs with isbn "9780000000000" FIND =008..(?<pubyear>[1-2][0-9][0-9][0-9])
REPLACE =008 YYMMDDs${pubyear} xx 000 0 eng d

=008..04252010s2010....xx............000.0.eng.d FIND =245(?<beforeslash>.*) / (?<afterslash>.*)
REPLACE =245${beforeslash} /$c${afterslash}

=245 \\$aTitle / Author
=245 \\$aTitle /$cAuthor FIND =245(?<beforecolon>.*) : (?<aftercolon>.*)
REPLACE =245${beforecolon} :$b${aftercolon}

=245 \\$aTitle : subtitle /$cAuthor
=245 \\$aTitle :$bsubtitle /$cAuthor FIND =245....$aThe (?<string.*)
REPLACE =245 14$aThe ${string}

=245 \\$aThe book of medicine
=245 14$aThe book of medicine FIND =245....$aA (?<string.*)
REPLACE =245 13$aAn ${string}

=245 \\$aAn encyclopedia of medicine
=245 13$aAn encyclopedia of medicine FIND =300(?<beforecolon>.*) : (?<aftercolon>.*)
REPLACE =300${beforecolon} :$b${aftercolon}

=300 \\$a425 p. : ill.
=300 \\$a425 p. :$bill. FIND =300(?<beforesemicolon>.*) ; (?<aftersemicolon>.*)
REPLACE =300${beforesemicolon} ;$c${aftersemicolon}

=300 \\/$a425 p. :$bill. ; 29 cm
=300 \\$a425 p. :$bill. ;$c29 cm FIND =300(?<beforeplus>.*) \+ (?<afterplus>.*)
REPLACE =300${beforeplus} +$e${afterplus}

=300 \\$a425 p. :$bill. ;$c29 cm. + 1 CD-ROM
=300 \\$a425 p. :$bill. ;$c29 cm. +$e1 CD-ROM FIND =500....(?<contents>.* -- .*)
REPLACE =505 0\${contents}

=500 \\$aChapter 1 -- Chapter 2
=505 \0$aChapter 1 -- Chapter 2 FIND =650(?<beforedash>.*)--(?<afterdash>.*)
REPLACE =650${beforedash}$x${afterdash}

=650 \2Medicine--Examination questions
=650 \2Medicine$xExamination questions FIND =245....$aA (?<string.*)
REPLACE =245 12$aA ${string}

=245 \\$aA dictionary of medicine
=245 12$aA dictionary of medicine "3 strikes" policy 3 late returns = banned from LRC for rest of school year
but we don't want to ban them from the main library!
so ... penalty points and manual blocks go too far
solution: use patron message fields everything's
due at noon main library uses straight "R" or "H" loan rules
solution: "manipulate" hours open table
(Millennium Reference Page # 105406) no notices but ... personal LRC staff awareness of who/what's overdue
solution: simple create lists procedure to catch each day's overdue items IV. PROFILE bib record item record barcode translates to BARCODE
item call# = CALL# (MARC 099)
item status: 2 values ("regular" / "non-circ")
item type: translated values in Excel
copy number
price, note (for some items)
other fixed fields set to generic values by template (instead of introducing a new NLM call number index, put NLM numbers in MARC 099) and 008 (prefaced with "1oucom" to distinguish from OCLC numbers) 3000 unique "title sequence numbers" (bib records) II. EXPORT approximately 4500 lines (item records) tab-delimited text bib and item record data exported as figure out column headers III. CLEAN columns to keep, columns to discard ISBNs: treat as text, replace initial zeroes em dashes, curly quotes, curly apostrophes, other diacritics VII. CODIFY Carrie Preston
Ohio University Libraries
prestonc@ohio.edu straightforward stuff (but different from main library)
not requestable
no fines
maximum of 4 LRC items (used a "category" under Innopac circ options)
circulable only to faculty and grad student ptypes (actually only OUCOM faculty and grad students - achieved by door control) communication is key
face-to-face meetings
write up everything
send writeups to stakeholders and ask for confirmation date formats for lcheckin, catdate, etc. title translates to 245 $a
alexandria rec# = 001
lccn = 010 $a
isbn = 020 $a
bib call# = 099
author = 100 1_ $a
edition = 250 $a
place of publication = 260 $a
publisher = 260 $b
publication date = 260 $c
series = 490 0_ $a
note = 500 $a
summary = 520 $a
subject = 650_2 $a
alex. create date = CATDATE load profile data redacted--
contact me for details load profile data redacted--
contact me for details
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