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Themes in Lion King and Hamlet

No description

Holly Mortimer

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Themes in Lion King and Hamlet

Themes in Lion King
and Hamlet By Logan and Holly Loyalty and Revenge Decisiveness and
Inactivity Appearances are Deceiving Scar and Claudius appear to be surprised to inherit the
throne, yet they are the ones who killed the king. Claudius appears to like Laertes and Scar appears to
like the hyenas, but after they are king, they take
advantage of them, making them do their work. Claudius and Scar both seem average to all in in the community, then they become evil once they take the throne. Hamlet Sr and Mufasa are both loyal fathers to their sons Serabi is a loyal wife to Mufasa and Gertrude
is a loyal wife to Claudius. Hamlet seeks revenge on Claudius
for the death
of his father.
Scar seeks revenge on Mufasa out of jealousy for Mufasa being the king, and Scar not being the king. Simba seeks revenge on Scar after
he admits that he killed Mufasa. Hamlet says he is going kill Claudius but he does not end up doing it due to his inactivity thought the whole play. Simba remains inactive for most of the movie, saying
"Hakuna Matata" meaning "no worries", therefore he
doesn't get anything accomplished. In the end both main characters do decide to take action
in Hamlet he goes back for Claudius' revenge and Simba
decides to return to Pride Rock. Both Claudius and Scar are denied being king at birth, therefore being corrupted
later on in life. Scar shows his corruption when he is alone with the hyenas, while Claudius represents his corruption with drinking and showing hatred toward his country. Power and Corruption Trust and Friendship Hamlet trusts his friend
Horatio, who also trusts Hamlet and he follows the instructions in his letter. Nala helps Simba return
to the pride land, and Simba trusts her that everything will be okay. Timone and Pumba are good friends to Simba when he has no where else to go, and Simba learns to trust them. The End!
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