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Ashley Hafer

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of confucius

Confucius Ashley Hafer pd.2 September 28, 551 BCE-479 BCE He valued peoples character and he believed very firmly in a good education. Confucius strongly believed that
a leader needed to practice self-discipline.
Meaning one needed to lead by setting the
example for others. In the analects, a series of his thoughts and beliefs.
he briefly describes
his feelings on the way a gov. leads.
"If the people be led by laws, and
uniformity sought to be given them by
punishments, they will try to avoid the
punishment, but have no sense of shame.
If they be led by virtue, and uniformity
sought to be given them by the rules of
propriety, they will have the sense of
shame, and moreover will become good." He wrote six classics including
The Book of Poetry - Shi
The Book of Rites - Shu
The Book of Rites - Li
The Book of Music - Yue
The Book of Music - Yi
The Book of Changes -Chunqiu
All of which go in order from
simple to complex psychologically

His beliefs helped to form the
Han Dynasty. Though they did not
fully use his beliefs. He believed the only way men could be equal was through education At one point in his life he tried to take a government position but clashed with the ruling families because of hise views on dicipline and morals. He came from the Chou Dynasty which was origonally made up of nomadic chinese. They began to travel out and take territories which helped them to set up the imperial powers which remained for about 2000 years Confucius grew up in poverty, which seemed to
help open his eyes up the little things in life.
This all became noticable throughout the teaching of confucianism. If communism were to wipe out confucianism, the part that would need to stay would be to teach by setting the example. It would need to stay because a peaceful society needs to be taught by example not by brute force. It needs to stay to show the younger generations that we all can get along peacefully and that no one is above or below you.
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