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Why do We Read and Write Poetry?

"Humans read and write poetry to articulate their thoughts, feeling, beliefs, and love for each other."

Marianna Rivera

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Why do We Read and Write Poetry?

Why Do We Read And Write Poetry? “Humans read and write poetry to articulate their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and love for each other.”

We express powerful emotions that last as long as we hear a poem, and continue to play in our minds as we encounter many troubles in life. Poetry is a form of life, poets give poems life by writing them from their heart. We are passionate about our feelings and poetry is the key to most of the secrets in life. We learn from reading poetry, and we feel confident when we read poetry and are able to relate to the poet. Most of all, poetry ignites our brains into thinking past society and thinking on our own. We are all customized and intricate in our own ways, each poem relates differently to each person and that is the beauty of poetry. Poetry is more than just words, poetry is artistic, beautiful, lovely, sad, and inspiring.
It has the power to change minds....... As humans, we are passionate about life and life's experiences. We want to share with the world about love, happiness, peacefulness, and sorrow. Expressing our deepest emotions and beliefs is what we live for, we live to make a mark on society, we live to make our dreams come true. Belief Change Happy Love Peace Believe Passion Passion Of Life

To achieve something great in the world you need Passion
To fulfill vision, a great leader’s courage comes from Passion
Whatever it may be, you must find your Passion
If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins
Follow your passion and success will follow you!

Never underestimate the power of passion
Without passion religion is spiritless
Without Passion history is meaningless
Without Passion art is useless
Follow your passion and success will follow you!

When you take up a mission with passion
There are no dreams too large
No innovation unimaginable
No frontiers beyond reach
Follow your passion and success will follow you!

Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel
Our reason is the pilot that steers her
Without winds the vessel would not move
Without a pilot she would be lost
Follow your passion and success will follow you!

There is no end and there is no beginning
There is only the passion of life
Passion is universal humanity
Passion is the genesis of genius
Follow your passion and success will follow you!
~POOJA NATARAJAN From The Short Story What The Swallows Did

Swallow, swallow, neighbor swallow,
Starting on your autumn flight,
Pause a moment at my window,
Twitter softly your good-night;
For the summer days are over,
All your duties are well done,
And the happy homes you builded
Have grown empty, one by one.
Swallow, swallow, neighbor swallow,
Are you ready for your flight?
Are all the feather cloaks completed?
Are the little caps all right?
Are the young wings strong and steady
For the journey through the sky?
Come again in early spring-time;
And till then, good-by, good-by!

Louisa May Alcott Poets channel their beliefs in their poems, they write about how they view the world and many other situations that accompany life. By sharing their beliefs they can help others find theirs and in the process make their beliefs come true. Most poems are about change, change of feelings, worldly views, or change in general. Poems are very emotional and emotions are powerful, emotion is human, we live with emotion. The way you feel can change your whole mind set on situations and by reading poetry it gives you an extra view point to look from. Change is good but sometimes change is bitter, poetry is a way to find the good things when change happens. Changes

A change in time, a change in place
A change of jobs, a change of pace
change your style or change your friends
change your path and change the end
Chance for a 20, change for a 10
Change for the bus, 'Change please, friend'
A change of homes, a change of kin
A change of friends you never win
a change of schools, begin again
A change of age, a change of space
A change of morals, A change of rules
A change of sails, blowing you into the unknown
Ethan Allen Poetry was the first form of writing. In ancient Greece and Rome many poets used poetry to pass down stories to the next generation. Poetry was defined as a way to remember their past. They sang poetry to celebrate and to come together. Through the ages it has been transformed into plays for the entertainment of society. History of Poetry Credits: (Nemingha. "The History of Poetry". www. Hubpages.com. Hub Pages. 15 February 2013.)
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