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Digestion in ruminants and rodents

No description

Syana Zein

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Digestion in ruminants and rodents

RODENTS Our Learning Outcomes for

1. Identify parts of digestive system
in ruminants and rodents
involved in the digestion of
2.Describe the digestion of
cellulose in ruminants and
3.Compare and contrast the
digestive process in humans,
ruminants and rodents, Rat’s caecum Rat digestive system Their caecum and appendix are enlarged to store the cellulase producing bacteria
Food pass the alimentary canal
- first as food
- then as soft faeces Digestive System of Rodents Reticulum
- also contains bacteria for
- content of reticulum called
- regurgitation occurs
- has a ‘honeycomb’ wall Ruminants.. Rabbits and rats family Rodents.. Soft and watery faeces usually produced at night

Eaten again

Pass out as hard and dry faeces during the day omasum abomasum reticulum rumen rumen Ruminants.. Abomasum
- true stomach of the
- gastric juice containing
digestive enzymes
- HCl and pepsin Omasum
- reswallowed cud will be sent
- large particle are broken
down by peristalsis
- water is removed Ruminants.. Organisms in rumen the saliva of a cow contains no salivary amylase
To digest the plant material, herbivores need to depend on the cellulase-secreting microorganism in its digestive system Ruminants.. Has a stomach with 4 chambers:
1. rumen
2. reticulum
3. omasum
4. abomasum
Carry out rumination – process of regurgitating food and rechewing it Ruminants.. Feed on plant – cellulose
Need cellulase to digest it
But ruminants do not produce cellulase
However their digestive system are specially adapted to carry out cellulose digestion Digestive System of Ruminants Herbivore mammals
Eg. Cow, goat, giraffe, deer
Feed on plant - cellulose Ruminants Digestion in Ruminants & Rodents Rumen
- first & largest compartment
- contain bacteria that produced
cellulase for the cellulose
- function as the fermentation
chamber Ruminants.. Digest cellulose Re-eat the faeces to absorb more nutrient swallow Small intestine anus caecum stomach esophagus mouth Flow of food in rodents chyme - H2O swallow swallow curd fermentation regurgitation abomasum reticulum mouth rumen esophagus mouth omasum Flow of food in ruminant omasum reticulum
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