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ASL Linguistics: Semantics Research

No description

nic cashoili

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of ASL Linguistics: Semantics Research

ASL Linguistics:
Semantics Research Sign Family Nicholas Sauro Cashoili
Spring 2011 Interviews 1 Female Age range 20's Caucasian Hearing, CODA From Washington Public School Deaf parents Signing since birth Male Female Female Caucasian Caucasian Caucasian Age range 30's Age range 40's Age range 30's Mainstreamed Mainstreamed Mainstreamed From Oregon From Indiana From Oregon Deaf Deaf Hearing parents Hearing parents Signing since high school
Learned ASL from terps Deaf Hearing parents Signing since elementary school
Learned ASL from terps RELATE MATCH CONNECT Sentences 1 2 3 4 Can link two or more concepts Can only link two concepts Can link two or more concepts Concepts don't have to be similar Shows a connection while noting a difference Concepts don't have to be similar Signifies a singular connection Concepts must be similar Signifies an equality or part/whole relationship *concept is generally animate *chosen the most *chosen most for
inanimate and abstract 3 4 2 50% 82% Closing Thoughts Interviewee Agreement Difference between male and
female signers was negligible CODA Deaf Animate-person was most
agreed upon category Abstract was least
agreed upon category RELATE CONNECT MATCH Signing since elementary school
Learned ASL from terps Example Sentences For 25% of the sentences #1
picked signs the others did not MY BROTHER-SISTER ME THREE-OF-US, OUR MOTHER FACE (MATCH)

"My siblings and I resemble our mother." S-U-S-A-N GOOD WORKER WHY? BELIEVE OUR (RELATE)

"Susan is a good employee, we have similar beliefs." DARK WEATHER, DEPRESSION (CONNECT)

"Dark weather and depression go hand-in-hand." Grammatical
Information Correct use of NOT Orientations and handshapes for negations Non-manuals Sample Size 16 sentences Four interviews No Deaf of Deaf familes
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