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Importance of the Coordinate Plane

6th grade common core

Lisa Preston

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Importance of the Coordinate Plane

Example 1 Example 2 Jump for joy! (x , y) x and y
are coordinates and
are used in a coordinate
plane, a grid that connects
each point with a number. Everything is based on x and y including video games. For example, when a game designer creates a map, he uses a coordinate plane to plot his objects. He can create the first small platform at (50, 30). In this game development environment the coordinates are based on the center of the each platform. Later on... Importance of Coordinates Why are coordinates
so important? In real life... computer screen resolution Video Games The designer can create a larger platform by connecting a few small platforms together. He can then specify within the game to allow a player to walk on the platforms. ...AND video games! Later on... When talking about a display screen such as a computer, (x, y) combinations are referred to as pixels. The x is the amount of horizontal pixels on a screen and y is the amount of vertical pixels. (0, 0) is the top left pixel on a screen. This is based on the coordinate plane. For example, if a computer screen is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high it means that there are 1280 x pixels and 720 y pixels. So the bottom right part of the screen is point (1279, 719). It also means that there are 921,600 pixels on the screen. Screen Resolution When the player clicks the right key the game might move the character 20 pixels right, however when clicking left it will move the character 20 pixels back. When the player clicks the space button, the character might jump up. This means that over a period of time it has to go up a certain amount of pixels, then go back down the same amount of pixels.

These movements on the coordinate plane
allow you to run toward victory! (x , y) Designed by Lisa Reed Preston
Content by playsick on HubPages
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