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New Zealand

No description

Kasey Kaplan

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of New Zealand

New Zealand Fun Facts English (98%)
Maori (4.2%)
NZ Sign Language (0.6%) 78% European
14.6% Maori
7.4% Other South Pacific Ocean 103,483 sq mi New Zealand dollar (NZD) Aotearoa 4.3 million people GDP: $115.412 billion History Eastern Polynesians 1250-1300 AD
British explorer James Cook's voyage of 1768–71
-Traded food and goods, especially metal tools and weapons, for Mori timber, food, artefacts and water Independent Commonwealth realm in 1947
New Zealand was an enthusiastic member of the British Empire, fighting in the Boer War, World War I and World War II
Global economy: Great Depression Parliamentary system of government (like UK)
Cabinet led by the prime minister Activities Climate: SC-MI Kiwis Specific to travelers New Zealanders can be somewhat reserved, especially with people they do not know.
Once they develop a personal relationship, they are friendly, outgoing and social.
Do not appear too forward or overly friendly.
They respect people who are honest, direct, and demonstrate a sense of humour.
They trust people until they are given a reason not to.
If this happens in business the breach will be difficult to repair and business dealings may cease or become more difficult Greetings are casual, often consisting simply of a handshake and a smile.
Meetings are generally relaxed; however, they are serious events.
Expect a brief amount of small talk before getting down to the matter at hand.
Maintain eye contact and a few feet of personal space.
Agreements and proposals must state all points clearly. All terms and conditions should be explained in detail. No vaccination certificates are required to enter New Zealand.
Passport Core Values Respect for nature Interplay of Cultures Fairplay Acceptance of Cultures Value Dimensions Individualistic & Collectivist Low Power Distance High Context Low Context Masculinity & Feminity Low Uncertainty Avoidance Cooperation with Nature Pakeha (European) Māori Always within 2hrs of the ocean The youngest country on Earth
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