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Dove Center

No description

DOVE Center

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of Dove Center

Prevention Education
An ounce of prevention...
DOVE Center Volunteer Program
Mission Statement
Training Opportunities
Where there's a will, there's a way
Front Desk Support
So many moving pieces...
Circle of Friends
Spread the word
Monthly meetings to discuss needs
Interaction with board members
Helps to have great community connections already
Background check and fingerprints
Event planning, fundraising program development, securing donations and sponsorships, and publicity.
Activity location
Anywhere in the community!
Social networking
Increase awareness with community decision-makers, leaders, and other influential people
Help the DOVE Center raise necessary funds for ongoing services and projects
DOVE Center
Volunteer Program
The DOVE Center Volunteer Program works to provide a wide variety of worthwhile volunteer opportunities for community members. We strive to do this by discovering volunteers' interests, time availability, and skills, and appropriately place each one in a well-matched volunteer position.

As a result, we hope that each volunteer will confidently refer the DOVE Center as a positive experience and help build a network of DOVE Center friends and advocates across the community.
We can benefit from many different skills:
administrative & secretarial
event planning
graphic & web design
desktop publishing
education (prevention)
legal (direct client advocacy)
community connections
Monthly training meetings
Outreach training (booth binder)
Prevention training (40-hour, twice a year)
Shelter assistance training (4-hour)
Advocacy training
Outreach Opportunities
Activity Types
St. George Art Festival, Parade of Homes, Expos (What Women Want), fundraising events
1-3 hour time commitment, random dates
Provide information to event guests about DOVE services and related topics
Sell reclaimed jewelry (Reclaim the Beauty)
Learn more about the DOVE Center (information binder included at events)
Increase community awareness about things like warning signs of abuse, bystander intervention, and prevention
Booths, fundraisers, and events, oh my!
Activity Types
Awareness presentations in middle school and high school classes, as well as local church and community groups
1-2 hour long presentations, some weekday & some evening
Basic 8-hour training on topics
Training with prevention team head
Background check & fingerprints
Teach youth (girls & boys) how to recognize and cultivate healthy relationships
Help teens in violent situations seek help and mitigate risk
Social interactions with other team, school, and community members
4-hour shifts (morning or afternoon), any day M-F
Flexible duration
Protocol & procedures office binder (~4 hours)
Background check & fingerprints
Answering phones, greeting clients, receiving and recording donations, and assisting staff with projects.
Activity location
DOVE Center's Advocacy and Counseling Office
Low-key way to learn more while still helping
Having someone to greet clients at the front desk puts them at ease
Make sure there is always someone to quickly answer the phone and direct a client or potential volunteer to available opportunities
DOVE Shelter Support
All hands on deck
Two 2-hour training sessions with shelter director
Shadowing staff for several shifts
40-hour direct advocacy training (offered twice a year)
Background check & fingerprints
CPR & First Aid training
Assist shelter director, answer the crisis line, help case managers and resident advocates, and provide general support for shelter and client needs.
Activity location
DOVE Home (undisclosed location)
Rewarding experience working with women & children directly
Hospital Advocate Response Team (HART)
The front lines
On-call shifts: 12-hour nights (5 pm - 8 am) on weekdays, 24-hour (8 am - 8 am) on Sat, Sun, & holidays
40-hour direct advocacy training (offered twice a year)
Background check & fingerprints
Monthly 1-hour volunteer ongoing training meetings
Help victims define needs, explore options, and ensure their rights are respected during the hospital exam and police interview.
Assist victims with accessing community resources and applying for reimbursement of crime-related expenses from the Utah Office for Victims of Crime.
Activity location
In the hospital, providing first responder, one-on-one support for rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence victims
Rewarding experience giving emotional support to a person in their time of crisis
No one should have to go through this alone
Not to worry!
There are lots of opportunities and we're grateful for any time and expertise you're willing to offer
We know what it's like and we're flexible with schedules and other commitments
An hour a week can make a difference (moving donations, stuffing envelopes, donation drives)
Start small and go from there
Any questions? Talk to the Outreach Coordinator.
Email at outreach@dovecenter.org
Call 435-628-1204
Set up an appointment
Court Advocate
Time is of the essence
40-hour direct advocacy training (offered twice a year)
Background check & fingerprints
Be on call to assist clients with paperwork for protective orders, restraining orders, and stalking injunctions
Accompany clients to court as an emotional support
Activity location
Varies. In court and appointments with clients.
Greater knowledge of legal recourse available to domestic violence and sexual assault victims
Rewarding experience giving emotional support to a person in their time of crisis
Hands-on work experience
Working partnership with universities
University of Utah
Dixie State University
University of Phoenix
Brigham Young University
University of Southern California
and open to new ones every day!
Good for those completing degrees in
counseling or social work
criminal justice
business & marketing
and more
Call 435-628-1204 for more information
Full transcript