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Time Management

No description

Pakeeza Hashemi

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Time Management

Management Secret of Time Time management is budgeting time to increase productivity. What is Time Management? Getting Started - This is one of the all time classic time wasters. Often, as much time is wasted avoiding a project, as actually accomplishing the project. Ways We Lose Time? Tips on managing time Activity time! Ways we lose time? We accidentally lose minutes and purposely throw away hours. ex. When you find yourself day dreaming while doing your homework. We Procrastinate- We put important things off until later. Projects not fun or that aren't easy or that you just don't want to do, we choose to put off. We let urgency take precedence over our priorities - You must handle urgency quickly so you can get back to what is truly important. Force yourself to focus on the present Plan out the hour blocks of your day Do difficult things first. Make lists (in order of priority). Use breaks wisely (power nap). Make time for yourself. Lets begin! You we be asked to identify some questions asked. You will be given some scenario's. Max has a huge exam in a month and is stalling because he says he knows majority of the sheets. Ways he loses time? Tip on managing time? Laura has been dreaming of a job to be more independent with her money but her dream is never top priority. She never puts in the effort to finding a job. John has a essay due tomorrow and still hasn't gotten around to it. He cant seem to find a introduction paragraph he likes. Aisha has said yes to too many projects to help with. She is on many extracurricular teams and has a part time job. Aisha seems to put off her school work.
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