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Stealing Home: The story of Jackie Robinson

No description

stephanie shatt

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Stealing Home: The story of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a man of good character who was the first black player in major league baseball.He was a great athelete and a good man who became great American hero.
He played many sports in college and was considered the best athlete in California in 1947.
He originally wanted to play basketball and football rather than baseball.
He was the first black to play major league baseball.
Branch Rickey [the manager] wanted a baseball player that had courage and great character.
Jackie was very confident and did not quit even when he got negative comments.
Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers won the World Series his first year with Dodgers
Jackie was born on January,31,1919 and died on October,24,1972
Stealing Home: The story of Jackie Robinson
By Barry Denenberg

I would recommd this book to anyone that likes sports history
matthew-i like stealing home becuse it is ingaging and and you wont know what will happen nrext.
Juan- i like tne book because it is a good way to learn about jackie Robinsons life.
tristan- I like stealing home because of how the author describes Jacie Robinson's actions
brendyn-i like stealing home because of all the action
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