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Review test w4

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Review test w4

Written test
Oral test
Tell me about your favorite movie
Tell me about an experience at the hospital.
Tell me about a stressful situation you had and how you fixed it.
Ask 3 questions based on the student's answer.
(Select 1 question only)
1. My sister ___ to your house tonight.
a) won't go
b) willn't go
c) won't goes

2. Johanna _____ ride her new bicycle.
a) will going to
b) is going to
c) are going to

3. ____ going to repair the car?
a) Denis is
b) Is Denis
c) Denis

4. She ____ her car every weekend.
a) wash
b) washes
c) washs

5. Steffany _____ like video games.
a) doesn't
b) don't
c) does
6.John ____ last night.
a) didn't work
b) didn't worked
c) worked not

7. _____ study for the test?
a) Did Mark
b) Mark did
c) Mark

8. ____ travel to NY?
a) George will
b) Will George
c) George

9. _____ like to play Fifa?
a) Does you
b) Do you
c) Do she

10. She ____ spell very well
a) doesn't
b) don't
c) does
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