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King Tut

No description

alexia aguirre

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of King Tut

King Tut
KING TUT was born in circa in 1341 B.C.E
He was the 12Th king of the 18Th egyptian dynasty,in power 1361 b.c.e. to 1352 b.c.e.
Early life
The same year that Tutankhaten took power he married Ankhesenamunm,his half sister .They had two daughters both stillborn. When Tutankhaten was young in age he assumed power the first year of his reign were probaly controlled by an elder known as Ay
Because Tutankhaten and his wife had no children his death was born at age 19 in circa 1323 b.c.e.; which brought turmoil to the court.Ay and Horemheb,who were still in control behind the scenes evidence show that Ankhesenamun and Ay before disappering from history.
Tut's burial and discoverd tomb
Tutankhamu was buried in a tomb in the valley of kings.It is believed that his early death necessitated a hasty burial in a smaller tomb, most likely built for a lesser noble. The body was preserved in the traditional fashion of mummification. Seventy days after his death, Tutankhamun's body was laid to rest and the tomb was sealed. There are no known records of Tutankhamun after his death, and, as a result, he remained virtually unknown until the 1920s. Even the location of his tomb was lost, as its entrance had been covered by the debris from a later-built tomb building.
king tut
King Tut was giving the name Tutankhaten,meaning the living image of Aten.His dad had forebitting the warship of many gods in favor of warshipping one,Aten the sun disk .
King Tut's Death
By Alexia Aguirre and
Jacob Marquez
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