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Student Career Project Assignment

No description

Derrick Cockman

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Student Career Project Assignment

Student Career Project Assignment

Steps for Implemenation
• Have student log into computers, and log into career cruising, Edmodo and Career Cruising
• Students will first check for the assignment on Edmodo. All instructions for each assignment will be uploaded to Edmodo for reference.
• Students will be instructed to take the 116-question self-assessment called career matchmaker, this will generate a list of careers for students. The instructions will have them to pick 3 careers that interest them to research.
• The following criteria are required for the career project: Career title, description, Earnings, Education required, why this career is suitable for them and a Fact about that career. Work must be cited and pictures must be included.
• The students will then create a presentation using either a Power Point on Google Drive a Prezi, or Popplet with the 3 careers of their choice.

Standards Addressed
CD1.01 (Career matchmaker assessment)
Understand interests, attitudes and values.

CD1.03 (How to research a topic/Public speaking)
Understand personal and transferable skills

CD2.01 (Notice how answers influenced careers generated)
Understand how interests and values influence career choices.

CD3.02 (Communication Skills/Public Speaking)
Understand skills needed for employment success

A Career Project Rubric
A Career Project
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